I wake up slowly in the morning brightness. Warm coffee helps me transition from my dreamworld slumber to another beautiful day here in rural Nevada. 

My days are flying by faster than ever now, or so it seems. As I am just getting accustomed to a new season, before I know it, why it’s off and gone. 

So here I sit attempting to hold on to these waning last days of Summer before our upcoming Autumn announces it’s arrival with cool winds and falling leaves. 

The kids are back in school. Our days grow shorter as the nights get cold. But warm sunny afternoons still linger here in this dry high desert peaceful land of ours. 

Yes, dear reader, the year 2021 is flowing rapidly through our lives like one of the many freight trains rushing nonstop past our little town. 

The passage of time is something you tend to notice more so as you age. The eternity of childhood finally morphs into the forever now of youth. And old age appears to be a completely different far away universe where grandparents live. 

Then, somehow, one day, if you live long enough,  you find yourself in this world of the elderly. You are bewildered on how it all came to be. 

You don’t feel much different from your younger years. You don’t really feel “old”. But your hair is thinning and grey. Your physical strength is declining as your body slows in action and motion. 

People tend to give you that curious sort of respectful look. You are now a senior citizen, retired and no longer an active member of society. 

In essence, you’ve been put out to pasture. 

But, the way I see it, Life is for living. It’s not for sitting around watching the tube and wasting your precious time. There’s more to life than entertainment from the media, food, sleep and medical appointments. 

However, life in a senior community in a small town, in many ways, resembles that of a soap opera. 

There’s the... Who’s doing what with whom and did you hear the latest? 

So why on earth would one want to watch a make-believe soap opera world on TV ? 

Also, the world at large, politics, current events and international affairs; they too seem like a suspenseful, dramatic, major soap opera.

Well that’s how the media presents the constant breaking news to us sandwiched in between nonstop advertisements. On the one hand they are telling you the world as we know it could come to an abrupt end next Tuesday. While, on the other hand, a commercial warns you how this is your last chance to lock in a reduced rate, thirty year fixed mortgage. 

It’s difficult at times to decipher between made up, fantasy and hype and that which is real, meaningful and important in our lives. 

I think greetings and pleasant conversations with my friends around town are real. Bright smiles from beautiful innocent children are meaningful. And living life in harmony with nature while enjoying the essence of existence in this here and now moment of time, I would say, is important. 

So what do you think of all of this, dear reader?

We old folks so often think of ourselves as wellsprings of knowledge, wisdom and experience while, at the same time, many others see us as out of touch, a little bit off and not in tune with the modern world. 

It seems to me that both perceptions have validity. 

But, you see, we live in different worlds separated by cycles of time. We look back at that which has been while the young rush headlong into a new world of the future. 

They are working at creating an adventurous world of tomorrow, while we are savoring our experience, memories and past glory. 

They can hardly wait to get where they’re going, while we hold on to these, our last days of Summer. 

Dan can be reached at danhughoconnor@gmail.com