The American flag at the center of our little town is flying at half staff. So is the one at City Hall and the one at the post office too.

This usually is a symbol, a reminder that some tragic event has occurred. Quite often it is to signify the passing of a dignitary or major government official.

This time, I figure, the flag flies half staff to commemorate the death of Supreme Court Justice  Ruth Bader Guinsburg.

Here, in our little spot on the high desert, we are far removed from from what seems like another world, Washington DC and the Supreme Court. 

But our one size fits all Federal government reaches out to remind us: “You are part of our jurisdiction, kingdom and domain”.

So, by association, it seems to be inferred that we here in rural Nevada should not only be concerned and involved in the ongoing drama, circus, soap opera, empire collapse, or whatever you wish to call the upcoming presidential election, but now also an all out battle to elect or not elect the next Supreme Court nominee.

It appears to me that this process, the mixture of justice and politics, makes for bad medicine.

It’s breaking news the media breathlessly tells us. This, they say, is the turning point of our decade. It’s the crossroads the politicians always tell us we are standing at  come election time. 

Well I myself cut off, discontinued and disconnected from cable TV a couple of years ago. I don’t need their thought control, ceaseless advertising and never ending consumer programming. And I don’t want to pay outrageous monthly fees just to be the recipient of all their propaganda. 

I’m all for individual freedom, personal responsibility and home rule. If I had my way I would have our county succeed from the state. 

And, if I could, I would have our state succeed from the Union!

I know this seems far fetched, but I don’t see the United States being united anymore. Blue states versus red, liberals versus conservatives and so many ongoing contentious conflicts do not promote any kind of peace and harmony. 

America, at its outset, was a series of free, independent, and sovereign states. They voluntarily aligned with others for their mutual benefit and protection.

But there’s nothing free, independent and sovereign about this alignment anymore. Politics, greed and corruption have put an end to all that.

The Federal Government, which was tasked as administrator to maintain justice, protection and freedom has totally failed it’s assigned duties.

It has usurped power and control unto itself. It has waged wars on foreign nations for many decades; wars which continue to this very day. It has troops and US military bases in some one hundred and fifty other countries. It has taken on the role of policeman of the world.

Well that policeman, I would say, certainly should be defunded.

The ever increasing debt, endless defense spending and reckless mismanagement has already bankrupt this nation of former independent states. It retains but a shadow of its former glory. 

It’s dreams and desires of world domination are rapidly fading. It’s former much admired image, that as protector of liberty and freedom, is forever tarnished. It treats its citizens with suspicion, mass surveillance, mind control, isolation and intimidation.

These are all points it accused other totalitarian nations being guilty of for so many years.

This Federal power center, as I see it today, is really a giant energy vampire. Oppose it or support it, it constantly feeds on and sucks energy from its citizens. 

Just look at the media, politicians and the upcoming presidential election; enormous vacuums for our undivided attention. They want to continue to mesmerize the public with their power and keep them under their spell.

So my solution - Ignore them all. Disconnect. Return to being free, independant, separate and sovereign.

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