I think at times that I should have studied sociology when I was younger.

That way I might possibly have a better understanding of the who, how and wherefore of this crazy world we live in today. But then I think to myself, how can anyone really understand crazy?

But people just love a show. They can’t resist drama and they hunger for more breaking news.

They also seem so attracted to pie in the sky false promises - “Real estate always goes up - Social Security is sound as can be and will be there when I need it — A civil service job is good for life - My pension will take care of me when I grow old - The government has my back - The union makes us strong - If all else fails our social welfare network will save me - Tell me some more wonderful lies.”

And our “new normal” they say is to include mandated vaccination passports with tracking and tracing apps. So states MIT Technical Review.

It was not that long ago we  used to think that living under a brutal Communist totalitarian dictatorship was a horrible existence. 

I see no outright mandate for the shot at first. More likely it will be a gradual squeezing out and segregation of those the authorities deem “non compliant”. They will and are already being shut out from air, train and bus travel, sporting events, concerts, schools and even church services. 

Those who do not tow the line are to be left out in the cold, ostracized and segregated from the rest of society. And here I thought that with all the recent fuss about race relations from authorities and the media that segregation was definitely a thing of our past, long gone and done with. 

Do you think, dear reader, that the public health and wellness of society is the motivating drive of our authorities? Or could their motive be an insatiable lust for power and population control over the masses?

Coercion, intimidation, fear tactics and shaming, the tools used and promoted by the media have succeeded beyond authorities’ wildest dreams in transforming the majority of our populous into non questioning mindless sheep. 

With such diabolical tactics and intent. one can only shudder in anticipation of what comes next.

Our modern American society is crumbling all around us these days and the entire spectacle goes practically unnoticed. Mask restrictions have been dropped, but so many still continue wearing them.

It reminds me of stories I’ve read of Russians, years after the fall of their Soviet system, longing for the good old days of predictable Big Brother control and regimentation. It seems as though the responsibility of freedom is too stressful. They appear to miss the comfort of their chains.

“My body. My choice” That was a pro-abortion slogan used by some women in past years. Of course they paid no heed to the other body; that of the unborn child. 

But where is that slogan today as people line up in droves to get their jabs of an untested DNA alternating cocktail which Big Pharma bears no liability whatsoever for future ill effects?

However this experimental gene therapy should be safe and effective. Right? After all it’s blessed by the CDC, WHO and Bill Gates. And we can trust them, can’t we?

Also, you know, medicine has its Hippocratic oath - “Do no harm”

Well I’d like to refer you to the Tuskegee syphilis study from 1932 to 1972. The US Public Health Service and the CDC deliberately infected black males with syphilis without informing them. They remained untreated as an experiment to see what the outcome would be.

Also there is an article you can look up: WHO Murdered Africa? The creation of the AIDS virus by the WHO by William Campbell Douglas MD.

And as for Bill Gates, just look up his stated goal of global depopulation!

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