I was thinking of what I might and might not say in this issue. I decided I won’t even mention anything about trains. 

I won’t go on about the distant lonesome whistle in the night, the clickity clack of big iron wheels on the rails and how that long lonely locomotive seems to call to you as it rolls on by.

I won’t bring up the barking of dogs in the distance, the yells and laughter of happy kids having so much fun in the playground, or the sweet sounds of church bells ringing through the air. 

I won’t write anything about the pleasant greetings and sweet smiles I regularly get from my elderly neighbors and how I see them as living, walking, breathing treasures: remnants of long fought and won battles for survival.

I see no need to bring up the golden glow of the early morning as it slowly unfolds out of the darkness of night and spreads it’s splendor across the land. Who needs to hear about the brilliance of sparkling sunlight lighting up one more beautiful day in another ever so special experience of this our ever constant now?

And as for puppy dogs; don’t even get me started about sad eyed pitiful looks, wagging tails, forever faithful companionship and unconditional love. We don’t need all that emotional goo, enthusiastic affection, bonding and commitments of continuing responsibility.

Lets just not talk about dogs.

So what should I go on about in this article dear reader? I’ve been groping and searching for a theme. It appears that I may have used up, worn out and communicated all of my pet issues, topics, rants and ravings.

This brings to mind a friend I had back in the seventies. He liked to strum his guitar and play his music whenever he could. He never tried to join a band, put on a show or entertain anybody but himself. He was his own biggest fan you could say.

I sometimes feel I may be doing something similar. Rather than seek and find what readers may like to see in print and what would interest them, I tend to go on about my own random thoughts, ideas and opinions.

Well this is where you can put in your own two cents and be of help dear reader. I would really appreciate any of your suggestions of what topics you would like to see in print and read more about. I will see what I can do to comply.

There seemed to be somewhat of a theme years back when I started out with a few observations and experiences I had living in a small quite desert town.

I still live in such a remote peaceful place. I’m still fascinated by kind and friendly townsfolk, the easygoing lifestyle and beautiful spacious scenery. 

Many of the people I’ve met and gotten to know are decent, honest, salt of the earth folks. I’ve made many true friends. I’ve become an active member of the community, which is quite a surprise to me. And I’m really happy to call this place home. 

So I guess that life in a small desert town, it’s uniqueness, it’s beauty, charm, characters and it’s day to day activities is really my main theme. 

I suppose it had been from the beginning, although I strayed off in other directions on many an occasion. But I still find myself drawn back to the morning desert sunrise, the kids, animals and old folks.

And then of course there are those ever loving trains constantly sounding their horns and rumbling through town.

Oh, that’s what I’m not supposed to even mention


Dan O’Connor can be reached at danhughoconnor@gmail.com