Even as kids we understood one very important rule: The guy who owns the ball gets to set the rules. This is something Democrats don’t comprehend. 

President Trump won the 2016 Presidential election fair-and-square via the Electoral College. Thus, he is in charge and sets the rules for his (first) four-year term. The audacity and arrogance of Democrats to suggest Trump is the one causing division is ludicrous. If they don’t like his rules, then win back the “ball.” It would never occur to Republicans to riot, burn buildings, steal merchandise or shout death threats at those we don’t agree with, just because our guy/gal lost.

When the Democrat-controlled Nevada Legislature decided to increase Mining Taxes by 300%, they assumed the mines would continue to produce at the same rate. How stupid can you get? If it begins to cost the mines more to produce the same amount of product, they will reduce the output OR pull out altogether, eliminating any tax windfall the Dems thought they’d be able to give away to pet projects and the purchasing of votes. It also results in loss of jobs, the payroll taxes on those wages, the loss of money spent in stores causing the loss of Sales Tax, and workers walking away from our towns and their houses, resulting in the loss of Property Taxes. Guess the Dems still don’t believe in “trickle down.” This loss of revenue is all because they ASSUMED their actions would have no consequences.

Let’s stop for a moment – you do know what they say about those that “assume”; it’s a well-known adage. Coincidentally (or maybe not so), the Democrat’s symbol — a donkey — ties in with that adage (what’s another word for donkey?). The Republican symbol, however, is an elephant: we never forget.

It has been said that when a country doesn’t learn by its past mistakes, it is doomed to repeat them in the future. Tearing down statues of our past is not going to eliminate what has happened. And holding someone who lived 150 to 200 years ago to the standards of today is unrealistic. Hell, the Dems won’t even hold their current leaders accountable to the standards they have set for society. “All women must be believed” unless the man is the Democrat nominee for President. “All black lives matter” unless it’s an old gentleman trying to help keep his friend’s store from being looted. “You must wear a mask at all times! California beauty parlors cannot be open for indoor business” unless you are the Speaker of the House. What hypocrites! 

Parents are being told they cannot listen in to teachers instructing their children via online classrooms. Why? What are they hiding? If I was a parent, I would pull my kid out of public school and place them into private or home schools. Is this why Dems are so opposed to school choice and vouchers? They won’t be able to make anarchists out of our youth?

Hidin’ Biden is out meeting with community leaders, telling them how the country should be run. Come on, Man! Wasn’t General Flynn put under surveillance because he was meeting with foreign leaders explaining what the Trump foreign policy would be? And Flynn was on the TRANSISTION team. Trump had ALREADY been elected and would be taking over soon. Biden is sowing division, distrust and delusion amongst the people of this nation and across the world. 

There is something seriously wrong with a group of people who are set on destroying its own people, just to get elected. Has this Chinese virus been handled 100% correct? No. But we have never, in our lifetimes, faced anything like this. Medical opinions are constantly changing with the ever-expanding knowledge being gained. Sure, if Biden gets elected, he promises to have all the equipment, medicine and supplies ready from Day One. Yes, I suppose he would, since President Trump and his team have already done the hard part acquiring American-made ventilators, masks, and hopefully soon, the drugs needed to conquer this foreign menace which has been unleashed upon our country and the world. Have some states reopened too soon or relaxed restrictions too quickly? Maybe. But somebody had to do it.

Someone had to take the first step to get us beyond total shutdown. It would be truly amazing – a miracle, in fact – if this virus disappears the day Biden (in his dreams) takes office. This will only prove Democrat leaders have bankrupt small business just to gain power. 

R. A. Rothwell