I’ve been thinking of our environment recently and how so many people are concerned and think it should be protected. I most certainly agree with this sentiment.

The most important aspect of our environment, as I see it, is all of us, you and I, we humans who inhabit and share it.

I care about the wellbeing, advancement and degree of happiness in our society at large. And I would so much like to see a solution arise from this current strife, conflict, and extreme polarization in the world around us.

One solution put forward of late is to defund the police. I would go along with this idea. But I would also say defund the IRS, NSA, Federal Reserve, CIA and the multiple other government agencies. 

Defund the too big to fail banks. The military industrial complex is also a prime example of an unnecessary anchor that needs to be cut loose. I say let them all go. Those people can actually go work for a living and be productive citizens for a change.

Defund them all!

“Government is not the solution. Government is the problem”. This was stated by Ronald Reagan while he was in office. And with this I thoroughly agree.

By downsizing the multi headed beast ruling over us, our society would be far better off. We would not be tossing our hard earned tax dollars into a bottomless pit and giving it more energy to continually harass and victimize us.

Somehow the public has it stuck in it’s head that it needs rulers, monarchs, monitors, dictators and such to run the show. It never seems to get tired of voting the same bunch of parasites back into office. 

How many false promises can people put up with? “A change for the better. A fresh start. A new deal”

Come this November, sure as can be, we’ll be fooled again. 

There was some decency and honor, it looks like, way back when this democratic republic was first established. Politicians felt it an honor and privilege to represent their citizens as public servants and did not even receive a salary. Also they held office only for a limited time.

Here today, the government is an entrenched all powerful bureaucracy continually growing and usurping more monopolistic control and power over it’s hapless citizens.

I just rewatched that old movie: “Mr Smith goes to Washington”. It was an eye opener on the diabolical workings of the political machine back then. And it has gone downhill ever since.

It appears that the government and media have seen the coronavirus tragedy as a perfect opportunity to hype it’s seriousness and danger, instill widespread fear in the public and control almost every aspect of our daily lives. 

“Government solutions” have already tremendously succeeded in muzzling the public by having near everyone wear masks.

 Authorities have closed schools, churches and businesses for months. Tens of thousands are unemployed. Bankruptcies multiply and our economy is in shambles.

It has actually managed to cause a depression, ruin our future and the futures of coming generations.

It of course, as always, claims it is doing all this for the public good. 

Amazingly, most of the public goes along with this. Or at least there are few voices of descent.

If we ever get back to anything resembling normal, why would the authorities even think of giving up this awesome power and control they have attained over a gullible public?

I never even dreamed I would see our world so wrecked and ruined financially, morally and psychologically.

If we paid an outside source to come in and destroy us, they could not have done a better job short of outright war

The next four months should certainly look interesting as the election and it’s absurd drama plays out.

Do you think, dear reader, that voting for Twiddly Dee or Tweedle Dum (your choice) in the coming election will make a difference and improve the above mess?

All empires finally come to an end and crumble. And just like Rome’s last days and sad demise, this now seems to be America’s turn. Maybe when it has finally met its demise then things can really turn around and improve. 

But in the process there will be much anguish and suffering.

I’m sorry for getting so bleak about all of this dear reader. I hope just as much as you do that I am way off on this perspective and eventual outcome. 

However, the sun will rise again tomorrow. Life will still go on. 

You and I must do what we can to help make it brighter for our environment, our families and those we love.

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