“Order. Order. I say order in the court”. The judge surprisingly rises as he repeatedly bangs his gavel. “I will have order in my court. Everyone is to remain seated and come to order. Bailiffs stand by. The accused will answer the question: Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Republican Party?”

Sweat pours from me as I look around in terror. I know full well the last thing I should do is hesitate in replying. I try to respond but words fail me. 

I know I’m facing a long stretch in the reeducation camp. Regardless of what whatever I say I’m doomed. Doomed I am and have been ever since the PC (politically correct)  police nabbed me. 

That’s the point  where I wake up with a start and an enormous rush of relief. A dream, it was all just a dream. I’m not a prisoner. I’m not doomed. Hillary is not president and I’m still free!

Then the reality hits. It matters little which political party is currently in power. Government control and dominance always increases while individual rights dwindle and fade. Nobody but a fool fights city hall or the powers-that-be.

Freedom is just an ancient antiquated concept anymore. Our rights, liberties and self-determinism have degraded into greater and lesser degrees of force, coercion and intimidation. 

Keep your head down. Maintain a low profile. Don’t rock the boat or draw undue attention to yourself. That’s what the little voice keeps telling me.

But those hard backed books in the library tell us all about it. It’s plain as day we were all guaranteed freedom, liberty and justice. 

We were to have rights, responsibilities and dignity. Government was to be our servant and it’s sole duty and purpose was to defend these rights.

They have not yet seized and burned those books.

However those guarantees were long ago and far away. Much has transitioned through those many years to water down and negate those words of honor written in blood and backed by the sacred lives of their authors.

The concept of individual rights was a new, strange and unusual idea. Maybe it was too good to be true. The masses have always bowed to the emperor. It is a well known fact that force and violence rules. That he who holds the monopoly on power is king. That so called individual citizens are but milk cows to be used as the authorities  deem fit.

But every once in a while I can’t help but fantasize a man standing up and shaking his fist at the emperor.

“I am a free sovereign being. I granted you permission to govern. You are but a servant. You do not rule over and grant me “privileges”. You serve at my discretion.

Your job is just to protect and maintain my freedom and rights and the rights of all citizens”.

In my fantasy the emperor replies: “The citizens granted me authority to rule, make decisions and decide what is in your best interest. They voted and I was elected. They choose me as emperor. I have spoken. Now off with your head”.

Well this is not what I wanted, desired or expected. I did not sell my soul, sovereignty, sacred rights and freedoms. I have not given my approval to be used, abused, taxed, regulated and programed into total submission. 

Have you?

But somehow this is the world we find ourselves in at this point and time. It is grudgingly accepted by most. 

A sizeable percentage of our population is employed in maintaining and continuing this system. Half or more of all citizens receive some benefits doled out to them regularly through this ongoing process. Therefore they are quite reluctant to alter or change in any major way what they see as “the hand that feeds them”.

Sadly, this is how democracies end. Short term benefits along with promises of security and protection blind the masses. They choose not to see it’s inevitable bitter demise. 

I would like to forget about all of this. I want to relax and go back to sleep. But I don’t want to experience another nightmare courtroom drama.

Dan O’Connor can be reached at danhughoconnor@gmail.com