By Robert Stepper

Now that we have achieved the important step of receiving federal regulatory approval of POA 11, Coeur Rochester expects to begin POA 11 construction activities in August 2020, while fully ramping up construction in 2021 with construction being largely complete by the end of 2022.

We are committed to protecting public health and safety in every aspect of our business, including this construction project. Adding to our existing rigorous safety protocols and processes at Rochester, we have implemented proactive COVID-19 screening as well as other protective measures for employees, vendors and contractors. 

We will continue to implement these measures during construction to help ensure the health, safety and well-being of our workforce, their families, and the communities surrounding Rochester.

As we initiate construction, we will work closely with our local communities to address any potential concerns with respect to POA 11.

We will continue to host regular meetings and engage with our local communities to provide information and answer questions. We have also established a community hotline and email so people are able to register any concerns.

The construction phase is expected to create jobs and stimulate the local economy. At the height of construction in 2021 and 2022, we anticipate an interim workforce of up to 300 people devoted to the project. Coeur and its contractors are committed to local hiring and purchasing as much as possible. The Company has rigorous codes of conduct and policies that apply to all project personnel that prioritize health and safety and promote ethical business practices.

Coeur is committed to its stewardship programs, taking steps to go above and beyond state and federal requirements to operate responsibly. This commitment extends to POA 11. For example, we have designed the Limerick Canyon Stage VI Heap Leach Pad using state of the art technologies and equipment, meeting or exceeding industry standards and regulatory requirements. Additional measures include over 120 environmental monitoring sites throughout Rochester’s mining complex.

Working together with the Nevada Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Land Management and Lovelock Meadows Water District, we plan to construct additional monitoring wells in the Limerick Canyon area, including west of the planned heap leach facility. This will enable us to monitor water quality to immediately address any potential issues, should they arise.

We consider ourselves part of our local communities. Moving into the next phase of POA 11, we make the following commitments to our neighbors:

To continue protecting the health, safety and well-being of our workforce, their families and our


• To listen to and address any concerns from our communities;

• To be a strong local partner, prioritizing local hiring and purchasing; and

•  To maintain our exemplary programs stewardship, aiming to safeguard our environment.

We look forward to keeping everyone informed about our progress at Rochester. To register any comments or concerns, please contact: Phone: (775) 273-7995, extension 1913 (voice mailbox only); Email: 

Thank you for letting us be your neighbor. Together, we can work to achieve a long and profitable future for Rochester, our families and our communities.

Robert Stepper is the General Manager at Coeur Rochester.