For several years, I wrote articles for the Comstock Chronicle newspaper in Virginia City, Nevada. I also gave periodic lectures at the Gold Hill Hotel. After I had accumulated quite a few articles, I asked Angela Mann, Editor of the Comstock Chronicle if she would agree to allowing me to use the articles I had written to create a book. I suggested that I would title the book Chronicles of the Comstock to differ it from the Comstock Chronicle.

After we came to an agreement on this new book about the Comstock, I began to assemble the book into the following 8 chapters. 

1- On the Trail of Discovery 1849-1859. 2- Virginia City becomes “Queen of the Comstock.” 3- Dayton, gateway and bread basket of the Comstock. 4- Railroading made prosperity possible. 5- Famous and infamous characters of the Comstock. 6- Tall tales disgraces and faraway places. 7- The Indians - First inhabitants of the region. 8 - Comstock cemeteries, may they rest in peace. 

Angela Mann, editor of the Comstock Chronicle wrote the following foreword to the book. “Dennis Cassinelli has gathered a wealth of information over the years and has turned all of that knowledge into a series of informative columns for the Comstock Chronicle. As an editor reading his words and descriptions of days gone by, I stop and visualize the locations and the people who brought the Comstock to life over 150 years ago. 

Today’s population in Virginia City, Gold Hill and Silver City is sparse as compared to those gold and silver rush days of the 1860s to 1880s, and Dennis’ words and descriptions prompt me to stop and stare at the mountains of the Virginia Range as I wonder where did all those people live.

 The buildings, the mills, the elegant homes are gone now, but their spirit and spirits remain.

I must admit that Dennis’ anecdotes and descriptions of his family are my favorites .. how those settlers struggled through massive winter snows and then summer droughts to raise their families, grow their crops and also fight amongst one another. There are so many similarities to today’s world. A chance discovery, the imagination to invent new processes and devices, toss in a little whiskey, and what emerged was the richest place on earth.

Dennis Cassinelli breathes life into the past. We all need to say “thanks”for his written images that help us to understand where we came from, why we’re here and what made the world tick.”

Angela Mann, Editor.

I have received many favorable reviews including the following: 

“I am one of the people who works in the Virginia City Visitors’ Center, and I answer all the historical questions that come in. I’v collected your articles from the Comstock Chronicle each week for reference material .. you should take your articles for the Comstock Chronicle (and all its incarnations) and put them into book form. I know I would buy it.” - Becky J. Orr Tourist Liaison Virginia City Convention and Tourism Authority.

For many years I sold my books at the Mark Twain Bookstore in Virginia City. I have also sold many copies of Chronicles of the Comstock online and other places. I have less than 100 copies left to sell. My Grandson, Allen Coyle helps me with my website and helped me to create a beautiful cover for the book with photos of Carson City coins and other Comstock related artifacts. I have been selling all of my books at a discount. Now, since I will soon run out of this title, I will sell the remaining stock at the list price of $ 22.00. 

At my age, I doubt if I will ever order another supply. When I think of the drivel I see politicians writing about, I think Chronicles of the Comstock is a bargain for the price. I know they will not last long, so put one on your shelf.

This article is by Dayton Author and Historian, Dennis Cassinelli. You can order his books at a discount on his blog at Just click on “order books”