Nevada has seventeen counties. For years we have heard the people in Nevada discussing the possibility of splitting Nevada into two States; North Nevada and South Nevada, somewhere along the highway fifty corridor. 

The reasons for discussion being the people in Northern Nevada are tired of one or two small counties controlling the entire state; namely Clark, Washoe, and you could include Carson City into this fracas.

All three counties vote along the socialist Democratic Party lines; and as everyone knows, the city of Las Vegas was born to fleas the workers building the great Hoover Dam.

As I see things; there are three ways to accomplish this. One would be to change the California and Nevada state line by drawing a line around Clark, Washoe, and Carson City counties and let them join California. 

That wouldn’t work out too well as those counties are wide open to Booze, gambling, and prostitution, so scrap that idea. Secondly; would be to split Nevada into two separate states, North and South. 

This also would no doubt flop flat on its face. The third way which seems to make logical sense would be to do what is being discussed in the states of Oregon and Idaho right now.

Just to make sure I was on solid ground before I finished writing this letter; I went on line to check out its validity, being I read the article on the New York Times web-site.

For those people interested in viewing what is going on please visit on line; (, or do as I did and Google, (Move Oregon’s Border for Greater Idaho).

 I believe you will be surprised at the amount of information on this subject. I also discovered on 18 May 2021; all of the five below mentioned Oregon counties voted in favor to join the first two counties in their quest to become spud diggers, (Idahoan’s). Providing this movement proceeds as expected; Oregon stands the chance of loosing three-quarters of their state to Idaho.

A little history here; the last time state borders were changed was in 1958 when the states of Oregon and Washington updated and aligned their states boundaries with each other.

Right now there seems to be a lot of discussions going on between seven of Oregon’s counties and the State of Idaho? Malheur, Sherman, Grant, Baker, and Lake Counties are discussing with Idaho to change Oregon and Idaho’s state borders. Those five counties would like to leave Oregon and become a part of Idaho. Last year Jefferson and Union counties in Oregon; voted to become Idahoan’s. That makes a total of seven counties in Oregon who want to join Idaho.

Some of Southeastern, Southern, and most of central Oregon have the same thing on their minds. To add a little mud to the water; some of Southeastern Washington and Northeastern California counties have the same things on their minds as well.

What would really be interesting is if some of the northern Nevada’s counties joined into this Fray? Say; Douglas, Elko, Eureka, Humboldt, Lander, Pershing, and White Pine Counties? The question would sooner or later come up; which state is larger, Texas or Idaho? I checked this one out too; The Greater Idaho would come in third in size.

Idaho’s government has made a statement consisting of only three words; “Welcome to Idaho.”

This proposal would be different than creating a new state; such as would be the case of splitting Nevada up into two different states or adding Washington D. C. as a fifty-first state because it does not affect the balance of power in the United States Senate.

After Oregon and Idaho’s elected officials had their say; this would eventually appear before the U. S. Congress sooner or later, and without doubt would be presented to the U. S. Supreme Court for verification. 

Therefore; since this state line shuffling has already taken place between Oregon and Washington in 1958, the Supreme Court should rule in the affirmative.

Perhaps it would be a good idea for our county commissioners along with the other six Northern Nevada counties afore mentioned to pay some attention to what is taking place at out northern state line?

One other thing; in my opinion, it may be a way of solving our water problems with the corporation in New York and the water grabbers of Las Vegas who want to pump most of the water out of Northern Nevada to Southern Nevada, and now comes along the idiots who want to build a super city out in the middle of the desert to the south of us without water. They must be Democrats?

 Ok; ok, before you start to get your hackles up, or hold your breath, I don’t see any major state line changes occurring in the long range forecast. We will still have long cold winters and long hot summers. Besides; no self respecting Nevadan would stoop to dig spuds, we eat them!

F. B. Heyne Is a resident of Humboldt County Nevada.