It said “ Be kind today and take time to call an old friend”. I saw it,  believe it or not, of all places, printed on a package of Chitos. 

What a surprise to find a little message of heartfelt caring on a package of mass produced munchies.

I guess this shows you there’s still a little bit of human emotion and compassion out there in our otherwise cold and impersonal world of industrial food production distribution and consumption. 

After all, what we are dealing with as the customers of those goods are moms and pops, grandmas and grandpas, brothers and sisters, individual humans with names, personal identities and everyday emotional feelings. These are the people who buy and consume these products. 

But humans need more than pre-packaged food.

So, can you, dear reader, be so kind as to take time to call an old friend today?

It could mean the world for him or her, a touch of kindness, a lifeline of attention, concern and caring from someone who really cares.

The warmth of a personal touch is what we all need, someone to hold your hand, look in your eyes and say “Hello. How are you? Good to see you” 

It’s a comforting welcome gesture given with love from a fellow being. It’s well received whether you’re five, fifty or eighty. 

I think of this when I hang out with, laugh, joke and chat as well as  help transport some of my senior friends around our little town. It’s as good a feeling for me as it is for them.

Our little community of friends and neighbors often feels more like an extended family. The townspeople here care about each other’s well being, health and happiness.

I just heard the whistle of the midnight train as it rolled on through town. I’m sure very few others heard or noticed it in this late night hour. They are all off in their restful slumber as the train rumbles along it’s lonely journey through the night time rain and snow.

Our days are short now. the night comes early in these cold wintery days. This little community is so quiet and uneventful. At this time of night it’s all closed up like a flower with its petals wrapped around itself in the darkness.

I have close friends whom I love dearly. I watch in sadness as one or two slowly slip away. I care for them and I understand how their time in this life is near its end. But I don’t want them to go. Just another month, year or even a day; let them stay. Let them linger a while longer in this space with me so we can continue to share our precious time together.

Looking back at my life and trying to take in all that is happening around me today; it just seems like too many changes and complexities for one lifetime. This may be why I now seek a quiet , simple lifestyle. I look for the beauty of nature and the goodness in the people whose paths I cross. I’m glad to say I have found these in this place here in my latter years.

The river of time is wearing my friends and I down. It’s trying to capture and carry us away on its current to the vast ocean of eternity.

But eternity is here and now all around us. This lifetime is but a brief page in the big book of life. But it’s our page and is all so eventful, meaningful and special. 

So, what do you think of all this introspective musing, dear reader? Do you somewhat concur with this view or do you differ?

It’s been a long rough road trudging up and down with our fellow travelers. The highway stretches on and on. The scenery is often lovely and the adventure is great. Tomorrow may well bring more challenging surprises. 

However, some of our fellow travelers on this journey are growing weary and slowing down. They need reassurance.

Separation, loneliness and isolation are such prevalent and often ignored problems here in this lockdown world of ours. This is especially so for us older folks. 

So why not be kind today and take time to call an old friend? 

Frito Lay makes Cheetos. Frito Lay has a heart. Who would have thought it?

It’s so reassuring to find a little human kindness in such unexpected places.

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