Natural fact: I do not have the gifts to be a business owner.  Or at least that is what I thought until I had an inspiration while listening to the rhetoric in the run-up to the 

California governor recall election.  Now I believe I have come up an idea that even I could become wealthy making work.  

It seems kind of like a Ralph Cramden can’t-miss scheme, but there is only two things I can conceive of which would cut the legs out from under this racehorse as it charges headlong to the bank with my profits.

Now, I have to admit that the key to the kind of success that would make me a household name – or at least my product – would be some slick design work to appeal to the broadest spectrum of the market.  The idea has its own natural “ah -ha” appeal but it would be much more marketable if it became fashionable also.

My investment would not need to be significant, as these things go.  The most expensive part would likely be finding a good marketing platform to introduce my product to the widest possible audience; then momentum could just take over.  

All I would have to do is then try to keep up with demand.  I thought that I might try to afford an info-mercial.  But that’s just an idea at this point.

Otherwise, all I need are several thousand t-shirts, sweatshirts, and maybe some other kinds of apparel, in every conceivable size (like I said, this will have broad appeal).  I need some silk screening equipment and supplies.  If there is such a thing but a high-speed screen printer – kind of like the mimeograph machines they had when I was in school – I would use it to imprint every garment with one phrase: WE WAS ROBBED.

I could use all kinds of stylistic fonts but the words would all be the same.  That would be a bunch of work but in reality it would just be work.  The creative part, and the only real risk, as business risk goes, comes when I create a message for each side of the contest.  

To use the 2020 presidential election as an example, one silk screen design would be something like TRUMP for President – 2020 while the other would say the same thing except with BIDEN.

By having one of each of these set to print it would not matter who won, I would be ready to print the WE WAS ROBBED apparel for the other side.  I could get a little more creative than this but the basic idea would still be the same.

As I sat to write this the California recall had not started counting votes, but the front-runner opposition to Newsome’s incumbency, Larry Elder, was already hunched up to buck about a ‘stolen’ election; in case he didn’t win.  

Now, I don’t have a dog in this fight.  I figure if the majority of voters in California want someone as unqualified as Gavin Newsom for governor, let them stay and figure out how to endure and pay for his ineptitude. The rest can join the exodus that has been draining sanity from California for decades. (I just wish they wouldn’t keep coming to Nevada in droves, and staying.  Some of what people who have spent their lives in California call good sense those of us on this side of their border call daffy. Proximity seems to be contagion that keeps on giving.)

On the other hand, maybe Larry Elder isn’t any prize either.  If he doesn’t defeat Newsome it just might be that he did not make a compelling enough case to enough people to prevail. 

But, just like making a mistake is not the same as lying, losing is not the same as being “robbed”.  Hugh Hewitt once wrote a book titled If It’s Not Close They Can’t Cheat.  Since I am finishing this after the election has come and gone, I can say that Larry Elder and the recall coalition learned the truth contained within the title of Hewitt’s book.

Since making sure of the integrity of the voting process is, among other things, racist, and every election will only be won fraudulently, 

I can’t imagine my business idea falling out of favor any time soon.  The two things that could cause it to fail are politicians who deserve to win and losers who blame themselves rather than cowering behind “WE WAS ROBBED”.  

Until then, the market awaits my genius.