Beastly weather we’re having these days. The heat is definitely on, my friend. It’s downright excessive and hotter than blue blazes, you could well say. 

If you are reading this scribble and you are anywhere near my neck of the woods, then you are experiencing this heat wave also and you know what I mean. It’s HOT!

Up until relatively recently our temperatures used to cool off some from about 3AM on through early morning daylight hours. But that;s not the case anymore. 

Now it seems that Mother Nature is running a high fever and it gets well over 100 degrees each afternoon. 

The desert, I suppose, is living up to its infamous reputation. Hot, dry, harsh weather for months at a time makes it very much of a formidable environment for human and other life forms to survive and continue their  regular routines. 

What’s the solution then? - Rain!

Cool, refreshing, life giving big wet raindrops from the heavens in great abundance. Please, please send down the rain!

That’s my rant and major complaint for this week.

I’m like a broken record these days when I tell all my friends to stay out of the midday sun and drink lots of water. However, I should pay much more heed to my own advice.

So how are you faring, dear reader? I’d like to know, being that I don’t hardly ever hear from you.

And another possible solution to escape these fierce temperatures  occurs to me in times like these. If my environment is so difficult and uncomfortable, then why not remove myself temporarily from my present surroundings?

The mountains of Montana are nice this time of year, or so I hear. I have a vehicle and I can travel. Cool, pleasant, comfortable weather is not that far away. This is what I tell myself each year about this time. - Next year I’m going to explore the northern highlands during July and August. 

I’m a firm believer in the old proverb:”Better to light a candle than to  curse the darkness”. Still, here I sit in the sweltering heat, full of complaints.

Well maybe next year. If I survive this one, that is.

Otherwise, day to day life as we know it continues here in our little town. Freight trains run regularly night and day through here. Cars, motorcycles and RVs travel along going both north and south on Highway 93. Bright, laughing, cheerful kids play in the park. And a few of us old folks gather for lunch on weekdays at our local senior center. 

However, there are fewer of us attendees now as there were in the not too distant past. The covid 19 shutdown struck a heavy blow to our social activities causing widespread fear, apprehension and isolation. We are thankfully past it now but people are still slowly getting over the shock. 

Also, very sadly, our number of seniors going to lunch with their friends at the center has reduced markedly over the past couple of years due to another factor. Quite a few of us old folks have exited this life in that short period of time and moved along. 

We don’t mention it that much but we surely miss them. 

Where I live is right across the street from the county hospital. And just now a helicopter flew in, hoovered briefly and touched down on a pad by the medical center entrance. 

It’s a life flight rapid transport vehicle that comes to rescue and rush someone badly in need of urgent care to a major hospital over 100  miles away.

This activity occurs from time to time here and we are one and all acutely aware of it. We hope and pray that this rescue is successful and that the patient recovers to rejoin our tightly knit community. 

New born babies, bright eyed beautiful boys and girls are ever so welcome additions to our town of about 1,000 inhabitants. 

But even though we know they have to move along, we greatly resist letting go of our dear old friends whom we’ve known and loved for so long. 

Well that’s a wrap for this week, dear reader. Nice chatting with you. Take care. And as we all say these days, “Stay cool and drink lots of water”

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