First off, before our enemies story, a little about hobo’s. One old dude asked me, why was I hung up on stories about hobo’s? Folks, during the Dirty Thirties, there were Bo’s riding the rails because lots of men could not afford a car. 

Or expensive gasoline, at nine pennies a gallon. (And the oil companies were getting rich) Then old Hitler caused a world shortage in gasoline. It was rationed in America. 

The railroads let anyone ride for free. On freight trains only, silly. During WW11, we lived in Imlay, and I found talking with hobo’s was very entertaining. All trains stopped there for fuel and water, and to change train crews. And there was the hobo jungle on Mill City side of town. 

I was enamored with Bo’s. Still am. I vividly remember lots of them, especially the few women Bo’s I met. And teenage boys.

Now about our number three enemy, China. You may rank them otherwise. I know lots about China, the people, the political leaders. 

The average person in China likes America. All of the Communist leaders in Chinese government detests America,mainly because we stand in their way of world dominance. 

America wants every country to be free, with honest elections. What Dictator wants that? You guessed right, none.

I first disliked China in 1952. My Uncle Sam sent me a letter, saying “Greetings.” Ask any veteran what the rest of the letter said. So starting in Jan. of ‘52. I was called to duty to help stop Russia and North Korea and China from dominating the world.

Where Hitler left off, they took over, in a quest to rule all earths peoples. Had the U.S. and their allies not stopped them there, it probably would have escalated into a World War eventually. 

When China and Russia, with North Korea’s help, started killing American troops, the American people thought it was North Korean soldiers doing the dirty deed. I still detest our own government leaders for not being honest with the American people in that horrible war. Some of my buddies killed North Korean soldiers, and found it was Chinese men wearing North Korean army uniforms. Almost all the dead enemy soldiers were Chinese. 

Folks, that “War” (It was never declared a war) was between the good guys and Russia and their great friend and ally, China. Russia was furnishing all the war materials, and China was furnishing the manpower. American leaders knew all that, and kept it from the unwashed public. Now, China was not exactly trying to kill Americans, we just got in their way on their world dominance scheme. 

And they were only happy to kill us for our meddling in their plan. How many American boys lost their lives during that horrible war? Do the math on the internet. If you were an American mother whose precious son went over there to fight for Freedom, and found her boy was killed by a Chinese soldier, how would you feel?

So we stalemated the conflict, and its still a fly in the punch bowl. Had we won the war, which we could have in a few days time, things would be better over there today. Our planned “Stalemate” kinda backfired, in my opinion. One more thing about wars, and I shut up my mouth. If you get into a war, you should fight to win, not just to stalemate. Otherwise, just stay out of it.

Today China is one of the worlds leading nations, in about every category, except of course Freedom. They still stand alongside Russia in that issue. I blame America for the unfair trade imbalance with China. Folks, here is how that happened. An early American “Entrepmanure” businessman, (Purposely SIC) who wanted to be a billionaire instead of just a common multimillionaire, moved his factory to China to take advantage of their slave labor. 

Then he sold the cheap goods to Americans, for unGodly profits. The floodgates were opened. Had our government handled that first happening correctly, they would not today be borrowing money from China to pay our Congressman’s salaries and their free socialized medical care. 

Donald Trump is fighting a losing battle with China’s unfair trade imbalance war. Our government, including all past Presidents since the unfair trade war began with China, bears full responsibility for the monster they created. Folks, we have met the enemy, and it is us.

Next week. Mexico.

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