My friend has gone out of town this weekend to visit with family which she gets to see and spend not near enough time with. 

You know, kids and grandkids tend to grow so much more near and dear to our hearts as we advance in age. Time spent with them is so precious. 

She asked if I would stay in her house and babysit her dogs while she is gone, and that’s what I’m doing at present. 

It’s a labor of love. I love those four legged furry creatures and they surely do love me. Of that there is no doubt. 

But they run me ragged with their constant demanding my full attention. They are very much like two year old kids. They know well when you love them and they take full advantage of it with their cuteness. 

I find that dogs are so straightforward, honest and loving. When they warm up to you then you know for sure you’ve got a friend. Their whole purpose in life seems to be to just run, jump, play and please you. They live in the moment. It most always seems like an enthusiastic moment of now  for them with the expectation that something really exciting is just about to happen. 

And, just like little kids, every bit of love and affection you give them bounces back to you many times over. And when you get to really know and understand them, you become amazed at what unique individualities and personalities they each in fact  possess. 

I’m not sure if it’s our flowing energy, admiration and affection to them that’s actually creating their special presence and helping them to shine or if this was there all along and we are just now discovering it. 

It’s no wonder they are called man’s best friend, guardian angel, faithful companion, personal security, emotional support, special exercise trainer to get you up, out and active early in the morning... The list just goes on and on.

But if you’re a dog lover like me then you’re already aware of all this. And you would probably agree with me that dogs, a very  long time ago, most likely crossed over from the wild and willingly gave up their cherished freedoms in order to help, protect and comfort mankind. 

That would certainly qualify as a true guardian angel  description don›t you know?

They prove this each and every day by guiding the seeing impared, herding sheep, hauling snow sleds and protecting our homes. But most of all they prove it by demonstrating their sweet, simple love, kindness and affection. 

So far here, I’ve been just going on about dogs in general. But when it comes to your dog in particular, this takes on a whole new personal, emotional and special relationship. 

I had a black and white terrier as a kid. We grew up together sharing our joys and adventures in the green fields and dreams of my youth. Such pleasant memories.

I traveled miles upon miles for days and days with my beautiful Irish Setter, with his head stuck out the window of my van, watching the world go by, his long red hair flying in the breeze and loving it. 

I’ve hiked up so many trails in the early morning to reach the highest peak and view a most spectacular sunrise with my true friend Woofie. I sure do miss that big, lovable, Lab-Mastiff mix bunch of fur. Hiking trails without him seemed pointless after he slipped away from me. 

But I’m off, out and exploring the desert again these days with my new Belgian Malawa friend. It brings back so many of the old memories; the fun and adventure of her sniffing out wildlife, chasing lizards and rabbits with boundless excitement and yelps of joy. 

My new companion rips all around the sagebrush as she revels in her natural habitat. Her exhilaration is contagious. 

However, a dog’s life span is much shorter in duration than that of us humans. And losing your best friend can be ever so heartbreaking and depressing, But there’s a solution for that.

Why not just stop by your nearest animal shelter. The site is most likely filled with lonely caged puppies with their sad eyes and their hearts reaching out to you. 

“Pick me. I’ll be good, faithful and loving. Please take me home. I’ll be your best friend forever. You won’t regret it. I’ll be your canine guardian angel.”

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