Mader Group (Mader) would like to correct the perception of the article dated 15 October 2020  (International Mining, 15 October 2020,  The perception of the article was that Mader Group would be responsible for Nevada Gold Mines’ heavy equipment fleet maintenance across all of its sites. 

Mader seeks to clarify the nature of the contract entered into between Nevada Gold Mines and Mader, whereby Mader will be responsible for providing skilled labor options to Nevada Gold Mines with tradespeople to top up Nevada Gold Mine’s existing in-house maintenance labor to soften cyclical maintenance pressures, and help to maintain or improve machine availability across the Nevada Gold Mines’ sites and facilities as requested or required by Nevada Gold Mines on an ad hoc basis.

Mader apologizes to Nevada Gold Mines and all its stakeholders for any misconceptions attained from previous commentary and looks forward to supporting Nevada Gold Mines, where required, in future operations.