Each month one LHS staff member and four students are nominated for student and staff of the month. 

The students are picked by the teachers and staff members are picked by one leadership student and then voted on by the leadership class. 

These January student and staff of the month nominees exemplify all the characteristics of good students and staff members. 

The staff of the month is Sylvia Covarrubias nominated by Jeremy Walker. Jeremy chose Sylvia because she makes sure many things get done and she is a very kind and thoughtful person that goes above and beyond.

Ms. Julia Topholm nominated Ryan Utterback, a freshman for January student of the month. Julia Topholm nominated Ryan because he is a strong, quiet, and creative student. 

He is beginning his art journey at Lowry and has exceeded Topholm’s expectations. She also admires his drive to learn and his creative style.  

Mrs. Marie-Jeanne Dawson as student of the month nominated sophomore Valeria Valdez. Mrs. Dawson says Val is a pleasure to have in class. She is a very positive and kind person overall. 

She is extremely helpful to her classmates and will always make sure everyone is included. She is also very inquisitive.

Mrs. Pam Bidart & Mrs. Corrine James nominated Junior Daniel Fernandez. Mrs. Bidart says Daniel goes above and beyond the expectations while in the library. 

He is kind and very considerate and overall a pleasure to be around. Mrs. James says Daniel is an amazing member of the drama team. Daniel can sing and dance and knows all of his lines. He is an absolute wonder to have in class. 

Cherese Fifield nominated Dominic Vanosdall, a senior for January student of the month. 

Mrs. Fifield nominated Dominic because he is always kind and helpful and always willing to help others. She recognizes him for being comfortable in his own skin and having a positive outlook that she admires.