On Feb. 18, 2020, the Humboldt County Commissioners approved the following agenda items: 

• Approved a set to keep the Humboldt County fiscal year 2020-2021 tax rate levy at the current level of 0.7512 per $100 assessed valuation.

• Approved a request submitted by Stephen Quilici to abandon an easement along the east side of assessor’s parcel #13-0351-18 and on the west side of assessor’s parcel #13-0351-19 with provision that shared access be maintained between the two adjacent properties.   

• Approved a request submitted by Desert Mountain Surveying as agent for Lyle Kyllo to abandon the existing 30’ right-of-way along the south property lines of assessor’s parcel #’s 13-0541-38 through 13-0541-41, an approximate 30’ x 1,621.1’ portion of Johnson Lane.

• Approve a letter of support for the updates to regulations the procedural provisions of the National

Environmental Protection Act (NEPA).

•  Approved to amend salary ranges based on market conditions for appointed officials.

• Approved the 2020-2021 Season Water Budgets as submitted by the State Engineer. Pursuant to NRS 533.280, each year the State Engineer is responsible for preparing budgets estimating the amount of money necessary to pay the expenses of various stream systems throughout the state. The budgets are then submitted to each Board of County Commissioners for certification as required by NRS 533.285. The levy must be charged against each water user who has a permit to appropriate water or a perfected water right, and the charge against each water user must be based upon the proportion which their water right bears to the aggregate water rights in the subject hydrographic basin.

• Approved a request from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office to accept a grant from the Nevada Off-Highway Vehicle Commission in the amount of $44,235.24 covering the years 2020-2021 to be used to purchase and equip two new Beta motorcycles as well as covering the cost of the OHV program to include training, overtime for focused OHV patrols and free community training classes. 

• Approved a request from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office to donate two 2006 Yamaha XT225 motorcycles to another law enforcement agency within the state to assist them in starting their own

Off-Highway Vehicle Safety program. These motorcycles were donated to Humboldt County by

Washoe County in 2010. If there is no interest, request approval to put these units up for auction with other vehicles deemed to no longer be beneficial to the county. 

• Approved a request from the Humboldt County Clerk’s Office an agreement between Dominion Voting Systems and Humboldt County, a subsidiary of the State of Nevada, for mobile ballot printing systems in an amount not to exceed a one-time cost of $18,020 for the hardware and an annual license and warranty fee of $1,535.

The Commission heard the following presentations:

• Humboldt County Commissioner Jim French presented potential changes to the Indigent Accident Fund (IAF) application and qualification policy for reimbursement for related expenses that will impact all rural counties in Nevada.

• Drake, Rose, & Associates presented the fiscal year 2019 audit report.

• Humboldt County Public Works Director Don KJalkoske updated the board on road projects within the county. 

• Nikhil Narkhede from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources updated the board on the Winnemucca Sand Dunes project. 

The Humboldt County Liquor Board convened for Second Quarterly Liquor License Renewals. The following licenses were renewed: 

Chloe Dufurrena/Say When; Barry Wilkinson & Norman Calhoun/Quinn River Merc; Juanita Kennedy & Dennis Acorda/Paradise Valley Bar & Grill; Ted Rookstool/Windspur Supply; Giovanni & Shannon Giordano/Sawtooth Station;  Parmjit Singh/BJ's Market; Nola Thomson/Club 40;  Georgina Perry/Denio Enterprises;  Jeffery Siegel/Diamond Inn Bar; Micaela Fregoso/Pilot Travel Center; Kirandeep Kaur/A-1 Fuel Stop, Inc.