Humboldt General Hospital in Winnemucca will host a special public meeting to gather the community’s perception of the facility and its quality of care tentatively on Monday, May 24, 2021 at 5:30 p.m., accessible for public comment and input both in-person and via telephone or web. 

HGH board trustees recommended the community forum to HGH leadership following a suggestion by trustee Lewis Trout at the April 27 board meeting regarding the strategic plan and marketing update. 

The meeting time is slated for two hours and the information gathered  will be used by hospital leadership to help improve issues. 

Individuals with information regarding issues with HGH are encouraged to attend the meeting and share experiences and/or concerns to board members and hospital leadership, who hopes to gain a better understanding of the public perception of the hospital in Humboldt County and its services. 

The hospital also approved completion of a study by Monigle company to conduct further research on the public perception of the hospital facility and its providers/services in addition to the public meeting to be held on May 24. 

“One of the key things for this hospital to improve its perception in the community is accessibility,” said HGH Chief of Staff Richard Davis, MD at the April 27 Board of Trustees meeting. 

The following business items were also updated by hospital trustees at the April 27 regular board meeting:

• A request to authorize purchase and installation of upgrades and additions to the existing Responder 5000 call light system, marquee and zone lights used in the skilled nursing facility was unanimously approved. 

• A request for authorization to solicit for the purchase of EMS vehicles to replace existing EMS vehicles was unanimously approved. (Actual purchase not yet approved as of presstime Monday, a meeting was held on Tuesday evening to approve the purchase of new emergency vehicles with a maximum $500,000 budget).

• A request to engage the services of Monigle company for $29,500 to conduct key audience research consisting of telephone interviews and internet surveys of hospital administration-leadership, community leaders-influencers, service area heads of households, hospital staff and service providers to generate data for analysis and understanding of the perception of the hospital as a healthcare service provider in its service area was unanimously approved. 

• A request to approve a professional services employment contract for Lee T. Church, MD to provide hospitalist services was unanimously approved. 

• A request to approve a master services agreement with R1 RCM Inc. to transition the billing function and services from RCM to the hospital district as outlined in a separate statement or statements of work at a cost of $4M paid in eight equal installments ending December 2021 was unanimously tabled.