The Humboldt County Board of Commissioners met for their regular meeting on Jan. 17 and with all members present: 

The Board discussed a request by the local Bureau of Land Management (BLM) office to convey a parcel of land adjacent to the Humboldt County Shooting Range to the County in order to expand and build a 1,000 yard range. 

An Environmental Assessment was completed by the local Bureau of Land Management (BLM) office in order to convey the parcel and was submitted to the Department of Interior in Washington, DC in the middle of 2022. 

The BLM was expecting approval and publication in the federal register three to four months after the submission, but Humboldt County has not received approval or disapproval now eight months later, according to Humboldt County Manager, Dave Mendiola.

Commissioners directed Mendiola to look into the matter and contact the local BLM office in order to determine the status of the request. 

In other County Commission news:

• Expenditures and expenses for the County were approved from Jan. 3 through Jan. 17. 

• Commission Chair Ken Tipton County Manager Mendiola presented service awards to those who have served Humboldt  County for 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 years. 

Those honored for five years of service included: Julia Dendary of Sixth Judicial District Court, Holly Gallian of Cooperative Extension, Matthew Lott of the Juvenile Services Division, Torrey Sheen of Winnemucca Rural Fire, Sean Wilkin of the Sheriff’s Office, Jessica Aguiar, Koepke of the County Clerk’s Office, Shauna Tolotti of the Comptroller’s Office, Andrew Heiser of the Assessor’s Office, Melissa Hope-Knox of the Technology Services Department, Karin Cooney of the Child Support Division, Gretchen Migas of the Child Support Division, Courtney Klassen of the Child Support Division, and Danielle Franklin of the Juvenile Services Division.

Those honored for ten years of service included: Karrie Garcia of the Juvenile Services Division, Kyle Ebert from the Library System, Sasha Zurcher of the Alternate Public Defender’s Office, Nancy Johnson of the Health Registrar, Christopher Sjoblom of the Sheriff’s Office, and Elizabeth Robinson from the Library System.

Those honored for 15 years of service included: Maureen Macdonald of the Public Defender’s Office, Matthew Stermitz of the Public Defender’s Office, and Michelle Hammond-Allen of the Economic Development Office. 

Those honored for 20 years of service included: Angel Cardenas of the Sheriff’s Office, Darrin Quilici of the Public Works Department, Allen Armstrong of the Public Works Department, and Sonia Ramirez of the Child Support Division.

Those honored for 25 years of service included: Sonny Bengoa –of thePublic Works Department, Ramon Vaca of Agricultural District #3, and Nancy Jurad of the District Attorney’s Office. 

• The Board approved the reappointment of Chuck Knox, Troy Rodriguez, Don Mertens, and Kyle Negus to the Orovada General Improvement District.

• The Commissioners approved a proclamation in support of Four Chaplains Sunday on Feb. 5., “which carried to their deaths four U.S. Army Chaplains of three faiths, who gave their life jackets to four soldiers and thus sacrificed their own lives to save the lives of others and stood united in prayer as the ship went down. They were Chaplains Lt. George L. Fox, Lt. Alexander D. Goode, Lt. Johnny P. Washington, and Lt. Clark V. Poling.”

• Humboldt County Comptroller Gina Rackley presented a financial report for the County and updated the Board regarding an augment for the 2023 budget in order to pay out employees’ annual leave. 

• The Board directed Humboldt County Treasurer Rhona Lecumberry to adjust the Real Property Tax Rolls in order to make a correction.

•The Board waived the attrition policy for a part-time  4-H position for the Humboldt County Extension Office.

• A motion to amend a contract for a pictometry flight for the Assessor’s Office was approved, canceling a proposed flight for 2023 that was deemed no longer necessary. 

• A request to waive the attrition policy in order to hire a Library Assistant was approved. 

• Zone change requests for RH-22-23, RH-22-24, and RH-22-25 were approved by the Board.

• Humboldt County Public Works Director Don Kalkoske updated the Commissioners on a project on Lambert Road. 

Residents of Lambert Road recently raised concern about the integrity of the current bridge, utilized exclusively to access homes east of the Little Humboldt River on Lambert Road. 

According to Public Works Department findings, there is cause for a new culvert to be constructed. The Board requested further information on replacement materials and another update by the next regular board meeting. 

• Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Undersheriff Damon Kuskie was appointed to the Humboldt County 911 Surcharge Advisory Committee Board to serve out the remaining two year term ending at the end of December.

• The Board discussed their agenda for their Board Retreat, which will include an update from representatives from Lithium Nevada, updates regarding the Justice Court Improvement Project, and the Gold Country Acquisition and Water Banking and more.