Harold and Gloria Gudmundsen, owners of Performance Computing PC Internet, have set forth a challenge to the community. They are donating gift certificates to local businesses to be distributed by the Humboldt Sun through social media contests. 

The idea is to help the businesses that have had to close and the employees that have lost their jobs. So far, 50 gift cards have been purchased — each in the amount of $50. Over the next 10 days (or for as long as the cards last), five will be given away each day on the Humboldt Sun’s Facebook page; please check the page regularly for your chance to win. 

This campaign is also a call to action! Community members are asked to join in this effort to purchase and donate gift cards for local businesses in the amount of $50. Those cards can be added to the campaign by dropping them off at the Sun’s physical office at 1022 South Grass Valley Road. Please include your name and contact information on the card so we can thank you on our Facebook page when we post them in the contest. Lucid Dispensary, set to open soon, has donated five $50 gift certificates. To win, you will have to “Like” our page, comment and share the post. Random winners will be drawn each day starting March 25. 

There will also be a public broadcast on our new station National Grassroots Broadcasting Network Winnemucca, which is able to be downloaded on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, iTunes, Android TV and more. 

Please see the ad on Page 14 for more information on this campaign.

If you would like to Keep Winnemucca Strong  and participate in this campaign please contact your sales representative today or call 775-623-5011 ext 212 for more information.