On Jan. 21, 2020, the Humboldt County Commissioners approved the following agenda items: 

• Approved the District Attorney’s Office request of waiver of the Humboldt County Attrition policy to fill a Legal Secretary I position. 

• Approved an agreement between FarrWest Engineering and Humboldt County, a subsidiary of the State of Nevada, for building official services on an interim basis until which time the county can hire a full-time Building Official, in an amount not to exceed $20,000.

• Approved a Letter of Intent to acquire the Star City Water System to the Public Utilities Commission for purposes of Star City Property Owners Association prospective filing of the discontinuance of service and the county’s exemption from obtaining a certificate of public convenience as a political subdivision.

• Approved to authorize County Manager Dave Mendiola to communicate with and supply public comments to the PUCN in support of Star City Property Owners Association request for discontinuance of service and county’s exemption from obtaining a Certificate of Public Convenience.

• Approved to amend the contract between thecState of Nevada Acting By and through Its Secretary of State and Humboldt County dated June 12,c2019 related to the deployment of the Center for Internet Security, Inc. (CIS) fee-based services (Albert Sensor) which have been procured by the Office of the Nevada Secretary of State to be deployed at Humboldt County; said amendment would extend the contract term from June 30, 2020 to Aug. 31, 2021.  

•  Approved County Manager, Dave Mendiola to sign all owner consent forms, including but not limited to right of entry documents, requested by NDOT, Southwest Gas, NV energy, AT&T, or other utilities/service providers to allow said company to access county easements or other county property for the purpose of installation, construction, maintenance, repair, or other necessary services beneficial to Humboldt County. 

• Approved to erect a security fence around the Rose Creek Communication tower due the fact that individuals are using the new road to the site to access their properties that are adjacent to the communication tower. Two proposals were received. Modern Land & Development LLC was the low bid in the amount not exceeding $5,581.

• Approved the Humboldt County Library’s request to hire an Assistant Library Director. 

• Approved Vice-Chairman Marlene Brissenden be appointed to the North Central Nevada Historical Society Board of Directors to establish a tie to the county and allow a view into the Museum activity.

• Adopted a proclamation declaring January 2020 as “National Radon Month in Humboldt County.”

The commission tabled the following agenda items:

•  A review, discussion, and possible action regarding Human Resource policies for the investigation and termination of the Library Director.

• A presentation by Drake, Rose & Associates regarding the 2019 Fiscal Year Audit for Humboldt County, including any findings and a request to accept the audit.

The commission heard the following presentation:

• Representatives from Cushing-Terrel Architects regarding the courthouse assessment conducted in 2019. The presentation two options addressed current and future building and space needs.

The commission heard the following reports from department heads during the annual retreat:

• Ric Grantham reported on the county’s Technology Support Group, Communication Department and TV District Department.

• Deputy District Attorney Wendy Maddox reported on the District Attorney’s Office 2019 activities.

• County Treasure Rhona Lecumberry presented to the commission updates and 2019 activities.

• County Recorder Debbie Engstrom reported 2019 activities.

• Public Works Department Director Don Kalkoske discussed his department’s 2019 activities and challenges including staff shortages.

• County Assessor Jeff Johnson reported on the Assessor’s Office 2019 activities and challenges related to software.

• County Clerk Tami Spero presented her office’s 2019 activities including new voting law changes and efforts by Humboldt County citizens to recall Sheriff Mike Allen.

• Humboldt County Sheriff Mike Allen reported to the commission the sheriff’s office activities for 2019.

The report included a discussion on the county engaging a lobbyist to report on the 2021 Nevada State Legislative session. No action was taken on this discussion, however.

• District Court Judge Michael Montero updated the commission on activities related to changes in law establishing the right to jury trial for misdemeanor domestic violence cases and how that affects use of courtrooms. 

• Library Director Jessica Anderson reported on the library’s 2019 activities and requested the library be included in future tax roll payments. 

• Judge Jim Loveless presented the Justice Court’s report for 2019. His presentation included the challenges in accommodating juries during trials for misdemeanor domestic violence cases and how that affects use of courtrooms. Jury trials are expected to grow as the county’s population increases due to potential economic growth.

• Human Resource Director Abel Del Real-Nava discussed his department’s 2019 achievements and challenges, and what’s ahead for the coming year. 

• Niki Linn, Human Services Coordinator, reported on the Human Services Department 2019 activities. She presented the commission with a list detailing current services offered including emergency housing, utility bill assistance, transportation assistance, and referrals to other agencies for assistance.

• Director of Juvenile Services Pauline Salla presented her department’s 2019 activities.