The Historic Resources Commission in Winnemucca has been awarded a fully funded $7,000 grant to bring three historic preservation specialists to Winnemucca for a full-day workshop to aid in the community’s preservation efforts and strategy planning. 

The workshop will be held on Saturday, April 25, 2020 at the Humboldt Museum in Winnemucca from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The deadline to sign up to participate in the workshop is March 27 and individuals in Winnemucca interested in participating in the workshop can contact Humboldt Museum Director Dana Toth at 

The program is a Commission Assistance and Mentoring Program (CAMP) offered by the National Alliance of Preservation Commissions group.

The workshop will feature a historic preservation specialist from Colorado and two from Washington for up to 30 participants in the community. 

Prior to the workshop, a survey will be sent out to participants to collect background information about the community and the specialists will complete a walking tour of Winnemucca. 

The workshop will cover historic preservation goals and how to implement historic preservation efforts specific to Winnemucca and how to incorporate those goals into a master plan for the community. 

The workshop will help the historic preservation committee determine what goals are most important to accomplish first, as well as the role of the local commission in historic preservation and why it's important. 

The group will learn about identifying and designating a historic district, with an overview of conducting historic resource surveys and using the information collected to determine eligibility for designation, drawing and defending district boundaries. 

Designating a historic district in Winnemucca will allow property owners in the district to apply for state grant funding. 

Legal matters will be covered, with a fundamental background of preservation law as it relates to local preservation commissions including local ordinance, local codes and federal and state laws. The section will cover an introduction to best practices and preparation strategies for before, during and after a public hearing. 

Dan Corson from Boulder, Colo. is a former city council member who holds both a J.D. and M.A (History) from the University of Colorado. Corson has served on several city and nonprofit boards  and was employed for 17 years with the Colorado State Historic Preservation Office and has received several historic preservation awards on the state level. 

Karen Gordon served as the City of Seattle’s Historic Preservation Officer from 1984 to 2016 where her responsibilities included developing, implementing and evaluating the city’s preservation policies and programs, overseeing citywide landmarks programs and more. Gordon has also received several awards and honors in historic preservation. 

Michael Houser has been the Architectural Historian for the State of Washington for almost 20 years with a long record of helping owners understand the architecture and history of their buildings. He manages the state and national register programs for Washington State, as well as Washington’s unique Heritage Barn Program. Houser also established the “Nifty-from-the-Last 50 Initiative” in 2003, documenting over 300 mid-century modern buildings across the state. He holds several degrees in historic preservation. 

There are five board members on the historic resources commission in Winnemucca, formed in March 2019. 

Dana Toth with the Historic Resources Commission and Humboldt Museum previously presented information about the grant opportunities available to the city now that Winnemucca is a Certified Local Government (CLG), only the sixth community in the state to become a CLG. 

The grant was originally applied for as a 60/40 grant, meaning the grant would cover 60% of costs for the workshop and the rest would be out of pocket, which the city agreed to split funding with the museum for. 

The grant funding comes from the State Historic Preservation Office, who was able to contribute funding to pay for the entire $7,000 to bring the workshop to Winnemucca, meaning there will be no out of pocket costs to the city or the museum for the workshop. 

The Historic Resources Commission in Winnemucca has also applied for a passdown grant application for seven individuals to attend the National Alliance of Preservation commission conference to be held in Tacoma, Wash. in July 2020. 

The biennial conference is held around the nation and the group will find out in early spring if approved for grant funding. 

If approved the grant will pay 60% of costs, approximately $8,000 if seven people attend and the rest would be split between the museum and city, approved unanimously by Winnemucca city council.