Local veterans have chosen SPC Thomas Johnson as Northern Nevada National Guard Soldier of the Year.  

SPC Johnson was recommended by his First Sergeant Richard Miller for outstanding service to his unit, the 1859 Motor Transport Company.

SPC Johnson’s specialty is driver of the M-1083 5 ton truck, with a secondary MOS of Infantry Rifleman.  

He twice volunteered for deployment to Irag and Afghanistan but the unit was not activated.

Certainly a disappointment for a young man eager for adventure. Wasn’t it philosopher  Voltair who said something about, “They also serve who stand and wait”?

The Soldier of the Year ceremony has always been an important part of the Runna Mucca Memorial Day motorcycle rally.

Held the hour before the famous Burning of the Bike,  this would be the 12th annual. Unfortunately, in honor of Covid-19 instead of the ceremony on stage in front of 1,000 cheering bikers, Johnson will have to accept his award, a Colt 1851 revolver, in a private event with just a few officers and family members. 

Let’s all raise a glass to toast our Armed Services and hope this is all behind us next Memorial Day.