Tim Powers will become the new permanent CEO of Humboldt General Hospital.
Tim Powers will become the new permanent CEO of Humboldt General Hospital.
Tim Powers, the current interim Chief Financial Officer (CFO) has been chosen to fill the permanent Chief Executive Officer (CEO) position at Humboldt General Hospital (HGH) in a unanimous vote by hospital trustees. 

The board made comments that both of the two finalists were very qualified for the position and that it was a tough decision. 

The two final CEO candidates visited the hospital two weeks ago and were given a tour of the facility and met staff. Following the tour and staff introduction, staff members and the search committee filled out a questionnaire to give input on the process. 

Powers has been the interim CFO since February. 

HGH Trustee Gene Hunt said he saw different strengths in both Powers and candidate Dennis Welsh that could help the hospital get things done that needed to be and said that it would be great to be able to keep both candidates, one as the CEO and the other as CFO. 

The board only has the capacity to hire for the CEO and that person is responsible for the search and appointment of a new CFO if needed.

Trustee Alicia Cramer said that she would choose Powers for the CEO position, especially after reading the surveys and information that employees completed. She said that she hopes Powers can fill the CFO position in-house if possible as he had mentioned in his interview. 

Trustee Bill Hammargren also said that all signs pointed to Powers being the right person for the position, including employee surveys and his performance thus far at the hospital as the interim CFO. 

Trustee Michelle Miller said that she saw the potential for both candidates given their diverse experience and skills but that Powers was the choice based on employee satisfaction and from working with him as the CFO. 

Trustee Ken Tipton said that although Welsh presented with more experience, a lot of it was with systems and not local district culture. Tipton said that not only did Powers interview well, he already knows the hospital and the area and has become familiar with the hospital’s challenges. 

Trustee Bill Hammargren motioned to offer the CEO position to Powers with a unanimous vote from the rest of the board. 

The CEO contract information will be presented during the next hospital board meeting that starts Tuesday night at 5:30 p.m.

In his interviews, Powers said one of the main areas of his focus if chosen as CEO would be to fix the billing system and the issues the hospital has had with that for some time now. He said the bills sent to a patient should be a clear roadmap to their particular responsibility and be able to easily make sense of it.

Powers also said he would focus on making the decision-making process more inclusive with the leadership group and ensure that leaders understand the strategy of the organization. 

Powers said he also plans to look into the hospital’s current contracts to evaluate for cost-saving as there are some that are costing the hospital a lot of money and losing out on opportunities. 

Powers has a background in public accounting experience as well as healthcare where he was most recently the CFO and then the CEO of North Canyon Medical Center in Gooding, Idaho.