May 21 winners in 4-H building:  Left to Right: Abigail Perez, Mya Gauvin, and Lily Reynolds.
May 21 winners in 4-H building:  Left to Right: Abigail Perez, Mya Gauvin, and Lily Reynolds.
All Pershing County 4-H Club members are required to give an oral presentation or demonstration related to their projects. 

Helping youth gain skills with hands on experience is the goal of this requirement in the hopes that it will help them be successful in school, leadership roles, as well as in the work force. 

This year the Burrows Family hosted two competitions one for Livestock and another for all the Clubs in memory of L.D. Burrows with a $50 cash prize. 

The competition categories include: Juniors (ages nine to 10), Intermediates (ages 11 to 13) and Seniors (ages 14 to 19).

Members that presented to the full Livestock Club prior to the April meeting were eligible to present again before the judges on April 21.

Judges Amanda and Andrea Burrows gave encouraging feedback to the all the youth that competed and chose the winners: Junior- Carson Fuller on “How to Maintain Your Show Pig’s Weight,” Intermediate- Averie Paredes with “Getting Your Goat Show Ready,” and Senior – Dalton McNeff with his demonstration on “Sheep Grooming.”

For the first time the competition was open to the other 15 4-H clubs on May 21 with Amanda Burrows and Geraldine Atkinson judging.  

This competition also had the requirement that the presentation or demonstration be given to the individual club prior, include a board, and that it be at least seventy-five percent memorized.  

Winners included first time demonstrators- Intermediate Abigail Perez with her sewing presentation on “Jelly Bean Face Pillows,” and a joint cooking demonstration given by Juniors Mya Gauvin and Lily Reynolds on “How to Make Chocolate Chip Cookies.”