Lovelock resident Donald Meissner shows off his 1948 Chevy 3100 pickup on Saturday
Lovelock resident Donald Meissner shows off his 1948 Chevy 3100 pickup on Saturday
Classic car owners agreed that one of the best things about the Lovelock Street Fever Car Show is the location. The annual show & shine attracted 55 car buffs this year including Lovelock resident Don Meissner and his 1948 Chevy 3100 pickup to the courthouse park.

“This park makes a beautiful place for a car show,” he said.

Parked on the grass next to Meissner’s pickup was Maxine Groso’s 1964 Corvette Stingray. Groso said they went to Hot August Nights for about 15 years but will be skipping it this year.

“We’re going to all the other car shows in Nevada, about seven of them,” she said. “Hot August Nights is huge with beautiful cars but we enjoy the smaller car shows.”

Street Fever organizer Patty Burke was pleased with the turnout with “lots of beautiful cars” and, this year, the cars cruised outside Lovelock to the Kruze Road Winery for a wine tasting.

“It’s to draw a little attention to her business,” Burke explained. “It’s new so we’re trying to help her out. Originally, we were planning to cruise out and watch American Graffiti out at the drive-in theater but, unfortunately, it’s not up and running so we thought we’ll go to the winery.” 

A wind storm “shredded” the movie screen at the Hay Bale Drive-In Theater.

Burke said Lovelock accommodations have been in short supply this year.

“Rooms have been a struggle,” she said. “We have a couple of people that are driving home and then coming back tomorrow, at least we hope they come back tomorrow.”

But the park setting is worth the drive for many of her long-time participants, Burke said.

“They definitely like parking on the grass,” she said. “I wish there were a few more trees. You can bring your own shade but a few more trees would be nice.”

Isaac and Misty Estrada of Reno brought a 1956 Ford pickup to Street Fever for the first time. Car owners judge each other’s entries and Estrada and his son Marcus had plenty of local help.

“I just met these little kids today and they have really made the day for me,” Issac Estrada said. “They wanted to know about cars and about me. They told me about their families and the community. It’s been great. And, the proceeds from the show are going to kids out of Lovelock to do other things. One is going to learn about cars so it’s awesome. It’s the right thing.”

“It’s a beautiful setting. We have been really striving for a community feeling and this definitely gives us that,” Misty Estrada said. “I love it. We know a lot about Lovelock.”