NATE GUSMAN• Special to the Sun
Fans and Risen Board Shop skaters gathered at the 2021 Extreme Tour to socialize, listen to music, watch fellow skaters compete.
NATE GUSMAN• Special to the Sun Fans and Risen Board Shop skaters gathered at the 2021 Extreme Tour to socialize, listen to music, watch fellow skaters compete.
Skateboarding is not only physically demanding, but extremely exciting, and attracts a wide range of inventive people working to perfect bold and intricate tricks. An international non-profit organization, The Extreme Tour, will be visiting Winnemucca’s skatepark July 21 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. to put on a live music show, a skate competition, and in general, an event that anyone and everyone can attend with their family and friends. Many small business owners and vendors show up to serve the community during the event as well. 

Local small business owner, youth group leader, husband, and father, Nate Gusman, is an underground miner by trade and an avid skateboarder at heart. His business, Risen Board Shop, has donated the prizes for the skate competitions since The Extreme Tour visited Winnemucca for the first time in 2021. He explained that the event is ultimately for adolescents and is family friendly. This year’s event, according to Gusman, will include up to 15 artists. 

“Anyone who likes music or any type of skating should come to this event,” said Gusman.

The Extreme Tour features many tenacious skaters and creatives that are on mission to serve the underserved in over 20 different countries currently. 

The group thrives off of generosity, and has humble beginnings starting “as an innovative outreach strategy in a small desert community in rural America” almost 30 years ago. Volunteers travel all over the world — mostly to rural communities — partnering with groups, clubs, churches, municipalities, organizations, and schools, to give back to communities with poetry, music, athletics and other types of art. The organization has strong values of unity, diversity, kindness and sharing resources. 

According to Gusman, many of the volunteers are faith-based and there is a zero-tolerance policy for any alcohol or drugs within the activities in order to create a safe and wholesome event for all ages. 

“It’s nice to have that camaraderie with other believers,” Gusman said. “It’s nice to have something positive for everyone to do in the community.”

Although the backbone of The Extreme Tour is rooted in faith, the organization showcases both religious and nonreligious talents and aims to include everyone.

Gusman expressed that a lot of the time there is a dark culture associated with skating, but The Extreme Tour breaks down that stereotype with life-giving activities and shows.

 Risen Board Shop exhorts sober skating practices, frequently donates boards to youth in the community, and hosts four skate competitions each year, with The Extreme Tour being one of them. Skateboarding enthusiast and high school student, Keenan Chavez, skates for Risen Board shop and expressed his excitement for the event and said that he will be attending the event on the 21st to skate and hang out.  

“If you put a skateboard in a kid’s hands, who is already at the skatepark but can’t afford $200 to build their own board, they are going to put their energy into learning to skate, not fighting or partying,” explained Gusman, who also added that one of his goals is to be a present and positive male role model for those that love skating.