WINNEMUCCA —While the COVID-19 pandemic forced many camps to cancel their summer 2020 programs, Girl Scouts of the Sierra (GSSN) offers a safe, affordable alternative for girls to experience the beloved summertime tradition. 

With Camp Wasiu II’s Virtual Camp-In Camp Out, girls can fight learning loss with engaging science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) activities. Camp Wasiu II’s Virtual Camp-In Camp Out is Sunday, July 12 through Thursday, July 16. 

“Our new circumstances challenged us to rethink the way we do everything we offer at Girl Scouts, but fortunately, we found that camp translates very well to a virtual platform,” said GSSN CEO Ann W. Nelson. “This is a great opportunity for girls who haven’t gone to camp yet to get their feet wet and get excited about next year’s summer camp season.”

Participants of Camp Wasiu II’s Virtual Camp-In Camp Out will experience campfires, a cookout, games, songs, arts and crafts.

 Participants will also socialize during the virtual group meet-ups.

In addition to the fun and recreational aspects of summer camp, all activities are designed using contemporary Girl Scout programming: The Girls Scout Leadership Experience.

This approach gives girls the opportunity to develop leadership skills, including finding their voice for positive action, and teamwork. Because of this goal, Girl Scout camp should not merely be thought of as a recreation program but rather as an innovative approach to inspire and elevate the status of girls in our area.

Participants will need a personal computer or tablet of some kind and an internet connection. 

The registration deadline is Thursday, June 25 and the cost is $25. 

This event is open to all girls K-12 in northern Nevada and northeastern California. Participants do not need to be registered Girl Scouts.