Local painter, Jessie Smith, captures the live music performer at the farmers market.
Local painter, Jessie Smith, captures the live music performer at the farmers market.
Crickets and wildflowers aren’t the only thing making their summer appearance in Winnemucca, as the Farmers Market official kicked off on June 6. This year the farmers market will be more central to town as they have relocated from their traditional spot down by the river to the parking lot adjacent to Winners Casino.

There was some confusion among event attendees, as the secondary parking lot behind Winners hotel was hosting a craft fair event simultaneously with the farmers market. Though the craft fair event was organized by a different entity, vendors expressed hope that the farmers market and the craft fair could be combined to form a larger scale event.

“What I am hearing is people want to see it combined. I am very thankful it’s fun to come out and see people. It’s fun to see everybody getting together,” Karen, owner Karen’s Kreations and vendor at the craft fair, commented.

The farmers market organizers hope to expand their offerings and continue to build the weekly summer event as a community staple. The summer kick off event had around 15 booths with products ranging from local honey, homemade craft and home decor items, and a few locally grown produce stands. Fresh cut flowers and additional fruit and veggie vendors are set to be added later in the season.

Local food trucks Cottage Foods for the Hungry Miner and Tacos Garcia, were in attendance offering plenty of food options for event attendees as they browsed various booths. Food selections will also expand in the coming weeks with the addition of Thai food treats offered by Fah Thai Cuisine owner and operator, Athiwan.

Live music also contributed to the day with local musician Cole Castellanos accompanying the morning sunshine with his acoustic guitar and folksy covers and original songs.

Responses to the selection of vendors seen at the farmers market kick off were mixed. While some appreciated the ability to showcase their homemade items, others hoped to see a focus shifted to more traditional farmers market vendors.

“The big thing with our location is, if you go to a farmers market in areas where there’s a lot of produce and stuff like that, more people come for the produce. Here it’s more craft show and hobby businesses versus farmers. We really need to work harder at getting good, fresh, local produce. I’d really like to see that happen here,” James Trapper Matheus said. Matheus is a 5-year farmers market participant and owner of Matheus’ Honey.

In contrast, local woodworker Rachel Hart, owner of Hart of Wood Creations, expressed her gratitude to have the ability to showcase her work through the market. “It’s doing amazing. I am so happy with the way it turned out and I hope that they continue to do more along the lines of the yardsale thing instead of just the fruits and veggies.”

One thing is certain: no matter the type of vendor, all are invested in the farmers market, braving the 90 degree weather and high winds to provide attendees with a wide variety of goodies to choose from.

“Event commitment was at an all time high today — as some of our vendors prepped all week following Run-a-Mucca and selling out last weekend! I couldn’t be more proud of all who dedicated the hours to work and craft and restock in preparation for today. Hands down the best group of people to work with and build with.” Katie, event coordinator, said.

The farmers market will occur on Saturdays June 5 through Aug. 28 from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. in the Winners east parking lot.