Camille (Milton) Price
Camille (Milton) Price
Meet 2-year old Camille, aka Million.

At the age of 1 she was diagnosed with McCune Albright Syndrome. This is a disorder that affects the bones, hormones, testosterone levels, estrogen levels, skin, liver enzymes, and we are still learning what else it can eventually affect. 

On the day Camille turned 1 she got her menstrual period. Well, so we thought. Turns out she was having cysts rupturing in her ovaries. We learned many things about our daughter after all those blood tests, bone scans, and visits.

One big thing we learned was that a normal woman’s estrogen levels are between 40- 60. 

Camille’s estrogen levels were 495. She has bone lesions through out her body and two behind her eye sockets that can eventually cause her to go blind. 

We have recently discovered growths in her skull that her specialists are keeping a very close eye on. 

The biggest lesions they have found are in her legs. After this last visit, we were informed that her spine and her leg bone now have a curve. 

Her right femur bone is pushing up into her hip and her hair fell out very drastically for a while but is now coming back. 

Every five to six months she travels with her family to Salt Lake for appointments. 

Please help us raise money for this families travel expenses by attending our 16th annual Keepers of Christmas event to be held on Dec. 12.