(NAPSI)—Twice a week, one in four Americans loses keys, and more than half say misplaced items cause us to be late. Fortunately, you can now change all that with a new technology from Pixie that uses augmented reality to lead you to the exact spot where your lost items are—saving you time and perhaps your sanity.

You simply affix a special tag to anything from keys and wallets to remotes and luggage. Then, use the app on your iPhone or iPad to find them. Unlike traditional Bluetooth trackers that rely on a beep to indicate proximity, this system uses patented technology to show you the precise location and to lead you to the exact spot rather than just the general area. The device can see through walls and show items hiding behind cushions or in an adjoining room. It can even find your iPhone when it’s off.

Finders that just beep don’t work well in noisy environments but Pixie’s two-in-one functionality feature lets you see it and hear it with accuracy down to inches.

It makes a great gift and is available at www.getpixie.com and on Amazon at http://amzn.to/2sfdWIw.

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