A fresh face appeared in the 11th Judicial Courtroom on Monday, July 7. Pershing County high school senior Mike Knight, 18, is doing a paid summer internship in the DA’s Office. Knight scans and delivers documents, answers phones and other duties. On Monday, he observed several court hearings, ranging from arraignments to sentencings.

Knight signed up for the internship through Manpower and Vocational Rehabilitation, DETR. It runs from Jul. 2 through Aug. 4.


Giovanni Gonzalez Silvestre, 26, came to court from jail for sentencing on domestic battery by strangulation, second domestic violence offense. His victim did not appear in court to give a statement, despite overtures from the DA’s Office. 

DDA Todd Banks entered a certified copy of the 2019 battery conviction from the Lake Township Justice Court. Gonzalez did not qualify for probation because of the earlier domestic violence conviction. The sentencing guidelines call for 12-60 months in prison. The DA capped his recommendation at 36 months in exchange for the guilty plea. 

“The defendant likes to beat on his partner,” said Banks. “He can sit over there and laugh all he wants. This isn’t ‘Mr. Gonzalez had a bad night.’ Looking at his criminal history, it’s something that continues to amplify.” The DDA decried the defendant’s ‘cavalier attitude’ toward the crime.

Gonzalez took issue with Bank’s summation.

“I don’t beat on her. He (Banks) obviously doesn’t know what he’s talking about. She’s violent as well. In that same regard, we have kids in common, and she’s putting money on my books. She’s not here to make that claim. I don’t see why he’s making me out to be a totally violent person. I’m really not,” he said.

Judge Jim Shirley sentenced Gonzalez to 12-36 months in prison with 147 days credit for time served.


Michael Sergeyevich Parkansky, 36, of Florida, admitted bringing psilocybin mushrooms to Burning Man on Sept. 1, 2019. The Category E felony qualifies for mandatory probation. 

Reno attorney Walter Fey represents the defendant. Parkansky consented to placement in the out-of-state diversion program. 

The court continued James Trent Goodbaudy’s arraignment until Aug. 16. The parties will try to reach a resolution in the justice court. On Apr. 16, the PCSO booked Goodbaudy, 48, of Oregon, for warrant or summons issued upon command.

Various hearings

Timothy Gene Deboer did not appear in court for his probation violation hearing. He is in custody in Humboldt County pending transportation to prison. The DA will prepare a warrant for Deboer’s arrest so he can answer to charges in Pershing County.

Daniel Leroy McGuinness came to court from jail for a status hearing. He’ll stand trial on Nov. 29, 30 and Dec. 1. He denies allegations of causing harm to an older adult (over 60) and other charges, including entering two businesses and one residence to rob them.

Javier Flores Valtierra, Jr. did not appear in court for his review hearing. Earlier, he notified Steve Cochran’s office that his ride fell through. The court had already dishonorably discharged Valtierra from probation on Mar. 1, 2021, so he does not need to come back.

Out-of-state drug court participant moves on with life

Judge Shirley dismissed a San Francisco man’s guilty plea to charges of unlawful possession of a controlled substance. The defendant completed all the requirements of his out-of-state drug court program.

The man briefly described a regimen of drug testing, individual and group counseling. “The group sessions were the most influential because I could share my story, learn from others and find common ground with people from all backgrounds and walks of life. We tried to help each other,” he said.

DDA Banks supported the judge’s decision. He contrasted the situations of most local drug court participants with the out-of-state participants. Part of the difference is socioeconomic. Locals often battle addiction while “trying to figure out where their next meal or paycheck is coming from,” he said.

“For our out-of-state participants, the bigger issue is acknowledging they have a problem when so much of their life is going so well,” he said. “In treatment, they realize something was ‘out of whack’ enough to bring them to court.”


Other hearings from Jul. 7, 2021 —

Justin James O’Kelley attended his review hearing by phone. He recently completed the Vitality program in Elko and requested an honorable discharge from probation. DDA Todd Banks said he did not yet have sufficient documentation from Elko to make a recommendation. Judge Jim Shirley continued the hearing until July 19.

Dylan Michael Garretson came to court from jail for a status hearing. “I’m going to place you on probation.” said the judge. “The question is, what are the terms and conditions? That’s what I’m struggling with. I need to get you something for treatment.”

Terrell Grant Callao-George came to court to address his term of probation. However, defense attorney Steve Cochran noted that George accumulated enough ‘good-time credits’ that his term had already expired last month. He wanted an honorable discharge from probation.

“The defendant requested a hearing but hasn’t presented what needs to be presented,” countered Banks. “There are more questions than answers.” He asked for more documentation on the matter.

“It would appear that good time credits indicate the defendant has done his probation honorably,” said Cochran. “But, we’ll wait for the forthcoming paperwork.” He also noted that his client lived 2 ½ hours away. The judge will allow Callao-George to attend the next hearing by phone. It is scheduled for an upcoming law and motion day.

Scott Thomas Tiedemann participated in his hearing by phone. Cochran said Tiedemann completed an out-of-state DUI diversion program. He asked to reduce his conviction from DUI, third offense, to DUI, second offense. 

The judge granted the request. He sentenced Tiedemann to 80 days in jail, completed, with 80 days credit for time served. Tiedemann also served six months under house arrest. However, the judge said house arrest does not factor into the time-served credits.

The court continued James Ernest Burrow’s change of plea hearing. Kyle Swanson represents the defendant. Burrows faces charges of domestic battery by strangulation, residential burglary with a deadly weapon and assault with a deadly weapon.