Other cases from Monday, June 7

Judge Shirley continued Giovanni Gonzalez-Silvestre’s sentencing hearing until July 7. The defendant previously pleaded guilty to domestic battery by strangulation, second domestic battery offense. DDA Todd Banks continues reaching out to the victim. 

Gonzalez-Silvestre does not qualify for probation because of the earlier conviction. The sentencing guidelines call for 12-60 months in prison. The DA’s office capped their recommendation at 12-36 months in exchange for the guilty plea.

Michael Anthony Carroll initially pleaded not guilty to two gross misdemeanor counts – obstructing a public officer and damaging jail property. 

The case went to a settlement conference to see if the prosecution and defense could reach an agreement before the trial. As a result, Carroll pleaded guilty to both counts. 

Recently, law enforcement responded to a call from a private residence about the defendant’s behavior. Carroll admitted bumping into an officer while trying to run away. Later, at the jail, he head-butted the safety glass window of his holding cell causing $500 in damage.

Attorney Steve Cochran emphasized that Carroll’s collision with law enforcement was not an intentional striking out. Rather, he collided with the officer resulting in minor scrapes for both. He noted that Carroll graduated from drug court and is setting positive goals – like getting a job, getting sober and finding a place to live independently.

“I appreciate the deal they offered me,” said the defendant. “I’ve been messing up in the community. My family’s not too happy with me. I know I can do it. I’ve done it before.”

The judge imposed 364 days in Pershing County jail for each of the two counts, suspended. Carroll’s year of probation may be extended by another year for mental health counseling. He must pay $500 in restitution and serve 90 days flat time in jail.

After he gets out of jail, on Jul. 8, he must enter a dual diagnosis treatment program.