• Michael Anthony Carroll, 33, came to court represented by Steve Cochran. DDA Todd Banks argued on behalf of the State of Nevada. Carroll initially pleaded not guilty to two gross misdemeanor counts – obstructing a public officer and damaging to jail property. 

The case went to a settlement conference to see if the prosecution and defense could reach an agreement before trial. As a result, Carroll pleaded guilty to both counts. He admitted breaking the glass window of his holding cell and striking out at an officer on Mar. 8, 2021.

In exchange, the DA recommended that Carroll pay restitution to the sheriff’s office, serve one year of formal probation and attend a dual diagnosis treatment program. He also wants the defendant to comply with a regimen of psychotherapeutic drugs and do 90 days flat time in the Pershing County jail. 

Judge Jim Shirley has the discretion to accept or not accept the joint resolution. He’ll sentence Carroll on Jun 21. Banks said he’d like to see a mental health assessment. However, with the defendant in custody, that’s unlikely in two weeks, said Cochran.

• Judge Shirley received a report from the Department of Health and Human Services signed by two mental health officials. They determined that Daniel Leroy McGuiness was competent to stand trial. McGuiness stands accused of causing psychological harm to an older adult (over 60).

The defendant also allegedly entered two businesses and one residence to rob them. He denies the allegations. The judge set the jury trial for Aug. 9 through Aug. 11.

Public defender Steve Cochran requested McGuinness released from custody. DA Bryce Shields argued that his release could pose a risk to the community. The judge said he’d take the matter under advisement and ordered the defendant back into custody for the time being. 

The court granted Travis Clayton Nichols an honorable discharge from probation and transferred him to court supervision. They also gave Brianna Lynn Watson an honorable discharge.

• Delson Leon Williams admitted to violating the terms of his probation, specifically the reporting requirement. He also acknowledged violating the rules about alcohol and controlled substances, employment, financial accountability and laws. On May 5, the Pyramid Lake Tribal Police arrested Williams on charges of elder abuse.

Cochran said the defendant had a bed date at Vitality Center in two weeks. He recommended another two weeks in custody. Then Williams could be released directly to the treatment facility. “We’d like to keep Mr. William’s diversion opportunity in place,” he added.

“I know I got a problem with alcohol, really bad,” said Williams. “I would like to go to Vitality. I went through so much grief and loss. With your blessing, I’d like to continue my recovery. I want to keep going forward as best I can.”

“I’m going to hold you in custody for two more weeks,” said the judge. “The sheriff’s office will take you to Vitality Center on Jun. 21. I’m reinstating you on probation.” He asked Cochran to prepare the order of transportation.