Conor Joseph Delaney, of Washington, came to court represented by Richard Davies. Delaney previously pleaded guilty to one count of battery on a peace officer, a forest service ranger. The incident occurred at Burning Man on Aug. 30, 2019.

“My client was drinking beers and may have unknowingly ingested something that did not react well with his system,” said Davies. “He was volatile and dangerous to the people around him. The BLM and sheriff’s officers did a commendable job of restraining him without injury to anyone. It was an isolated incident. In light of his criminal history, Mr. Delaney does not normally terrorize the community or present a burden to law enforcement.”

DDA Todd Banks and Davies put together a negotiated settlement acceptable to all parties, including the victim.

“I’m sorry for my actions and take full responsibility for putting myself in a bad situation,” said Delaney. “It was out of character for me. I’ve made mistakes before, but I’ve tried to be on the straight and narrow path. Sometimes things happen, and I have trouble dealing with stress. I’m not a perfect human. I make mistakes. But, I’m going to continue going forward in a good way and be an outstanding citizen. I ask for your mercy.”

The judge sentenced Delaney to 161 days in jail for gross misdemeanor battery on a peace officer. He awarded 71 days credit for time served. “Ninety days from now and you’ll be done,” he said, adding that the defendant could also earn good time credits.

Daniel Leroy McGuinness came to court for a review hearing. DA Bryce Shields represented the State of Nevada. 

McGuinness previously pleaded not guilty to multiple felony counts and one gross misdemeanor. At his last hearing, the judge suspended the proceedings so the defendant could get a competency evaluation from Lakes Crossing.

Despite repeated calls from Cochran’s staff, McGuinness still does not have an appointment. “It may take judicial involvement to get the wheels rolling,” said the defense attorney. The judge set a status hearing for May 17. The defendant is not required to attend.

The judge remanded Nelson Wade Bonta’s case to the Justice Court. Banks anticipated a fine-only disposition.