Justin James O’Kelley, 30, came to court from the Pershing County jail for a probation violation hearing. Steve Cochran was appointed to represent the defendant. 

O’Kelley admitted to each alleged violation including failure to pay his supervision fees of 30 dollars a month for the past three months. He also had several positive drug tests. He did not complete the Pershing County drug court program.

On Apr. 21,2020, O’Kelley appeared at a show-cause hearing before the drug court panel. They removed him from the diversion program and law enforcement took him to jail.

DDA Banks argued that O’Kelley did not want to participate in drug court. 

“His position is that it’s all about money; that we’re not there to help him,” said Banks. “He won’t accept culpability for actions and has no belief in program whatsoever.”

Cochran argued for treatment.

“We owe it to Mr. O’Kelley, ourselves and society to avail him the opportunity for education, rehabilitation and training,” he said.

The defendant said he wanted to get back in the program. 

“I put it last when I should have put it first,” he said. The judge ordered inpatient treatment. O’Kelley will remain in jail until admitted to New Frontiers, Vitality House or a similar program.