On March 18th – Shelby Lee Legarza was arrested for 1) DUI (1st), 2) Disturbing the peace of a school.

On March 19th – Jeffrey Scott Leffler was arrested for domestic battery, first offense - simple.

On March 23rd – Mitchel Byrne Remington checked in, serving time on a court sentence.

On March 23rd – Tara Lynn Villa was arrested for 1) Domestic battery, first offense – simple, 2) Assault with deadly weapon – aggravated, 3) Resisting public office – simple, 4) Use/possession of drug paraphernalia, 5) Possession schedule I, II c/s lt 14 grams, 1st offense.


On March 25th – Cody Allen Suthers was arrested on DUI (1st).

On March 25th – Dillon Casey Peterson was arrested on 6 warrants for failure to appear after bail, felony crime, and one warrant for violation of a condition of OR release.