On April 2nd – Kallen Gloeckner was arrested for DUI, 2nd. 

On April 2nd – John William Huber checked in serving time on a court sentence.

On April 2nd – Alexandra Nichole Yowell was arrested for being under the influence of alcohol in or around a vehicle.

On April 3rd – Christopher Scott Adams was arrested for DUI, 2nd.


On April 4th – Marcus J Shelton was arrested for domestic battery, 1st offense, simple.

On April 5th – Jordin Nichole Asberry was arrested for violation of probation or condition of release.

On April 5th – Andrew Paul Perez Jr. was arrested for failure to appear after admission.

On April 5th – Larry Duane Remington Jr. was arrested for use/possession of drug paraphernalia possession of a hypodermic device, failure to appear after admission, failure to appear after bail, felony crime.

On April 6th – Jessica Renee Mann was arrested on tow counts of failure to appear after bail, felony crime.