*Photo not Provided by HCSO*

On July 19 WPD arrested Randy Dallas Comer, age 45, on misdemeanor failure to appear. Bail $1,340..

On July 21 HCSO arrested Mark Tucker Sharp, age 35 on felony attempt by driver to evade. Bail $42,465.

On July 22 WPD arrested Aaron Crutcher, age 35, on misdemeanor domestic battery first offense. Bail $3,000.

On July 24 WPD arrested Stephanie Killian, age 29, on misdemeanor trespass not amounting to burglary. Bail $195.

On July 26 WPD arrested Darren Ragan, age 25, on misdemeanor failure to appear for a traffic citation. Bail $420.

On July 26 WPD arrested Alvin Dick, age 48, on misdemeanor trespassing. Bail $195

On July 28 HCSO arrested Elisandro Rodrigues, age 24, on misdemeanor driving under the influence first offense and illegal stop and park in a public roadway. Bail $1,150.