On February 19, WPD arrested Rene Alvarez Flores, age 48, on misdemeanor driving on a suspended license. 

         Bail $355. 

On February 22, NHP arrested Jordan Anthony Diaz, age 22, on driving under the influence first offense, basic speed 10 over and seatbelt required.  

      Bail $1,315. 

On February 22, NHP arrested Jessie Anne Munro, age 57, on warrant failure to appear. 

Bail $445 cash. 

On February 27, HCSO arrested Jose Cervantes, age 24, on misdemeanor driving on suspended license and stop sign violation. 

         Bail $550. 

On February 29, WPD arrested Amara Marsh, age 33, on gross misdemeanor taking auto without the owner’s consent. 

      Bail $2,500. 

On March 1, NHP arrested Patrick Dominic Vargas, age 42, on suspended driver’s license and basic speed 18 over. 

        Bail $630. 

On March 2, HCSO arrested Amara Gratianne Marsh, age 33, on felony battery by a prisoner. 

    Bail $40,000. 

On March 3, WPD arrested Caleb McArthur Hinkle, age 18, on felony parole and probation violation.

            No bail.