On April 22, NHP arrested Timothy Wicker, age 54, on driving under the influence second offense and basic speed 10 over.

        Bail $1,695. 

On April 23, NHP arrested William Hiram Xav Ellis, age 38, on driving under the influence of drugs first offense, basic speed 20 miles per hour over the limit, no valid driver’s license, child endangerment without substantial bodily harm and child restraint required. 

                               Bail $21,850

On April 23, WPD arrested Travis Dean Crawford, age 45, on misdemeanor trespass and resisting a public officer. 

       Bail $1,335. 

On April 23, WPD arrested Anthony Matthew Jimenez, age 34, on felony possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of burglary tools and possession of a dangerous weapon. 

                               Bail $10,640. 

*No Photo Available*

On April 23, HCSO arrested Jared Pearson, age 41, on battery on a police officer and resisting a public officer. Bail $0.00 medical O.R. cited and released. 

*No Photo Available*

On April 24, HCSO arrested an incorrigible juvenile, age 14 missing from Oregon. Bail not applicable. 

On April 24, HCSO arrested Agueda Arellano, age 44, on misdemeanor trespass. 

         Bail $195. 

On April 24, HCSO arrested Charlie Bencomo Jr., age 28, on a gross misdemeanor violation of a temporary protection order.

      Bail $2,000.

On April 25, HCSO arrested Hugo Lopez, age 22, on felony kidnapping, domestic battery, obstruct, possession of a dangerous weapon and possession of a controlled substance. 

                             Bail $139,140 

On April 26, HCSO arrested Agueda Arellano-Sandoval, age 44, on felony attempt grand larceny auto and trespass.

     Bail $10,195.