Garret Lee Nunnery was given a suspended jail sentence and probation recently after admitting to possessing brass knuckles, a dangerous weapon. 

Nunnery, age 24, was arrested in Humboldt County on January 6, 2020, on felony and gross misdemeanor charges of ex-felon in possession of prohibited items. 

Nunnery appeared in Sixth Judicial District Court in March and pleaded guilty to possession of a dangerous weapon, a gross misdemeanor, admitting to having brass knuckles. 

The potential penalty for the gross misdemeanor included up to 365 days in jail and a $2,000 maximum fine. 

The recommendation in the plea agreement signed by all parties included probation on a suspended jail sentence. 

Sixth Judicial District Court Judge Michael Montero ordered Nunnery to a suspended 364-day jail sentence on the charge with 10 days credit for time served.

The jail sentence was suspended and Nunnery was placed on probation for 36 months in lieu of jail if successful.

In addition to the suspended sentence and probation, Nunnery was ordered to pay a $3 DNA collection fee, $25 administrative assessment fee and $250 public defender fee.