Brian Keith Christy
Brian Keith Christy
Brian Keith Christy was ordered to serve one to four years in prison on two felony charges in which he failed to comply with sex offender registration requirements, resulting in a revocation of his probation. 

Christy admitted to six probation violations last week in Sixth Judicial District Court and denied three additional violations contained in two separate violation reports. 

Christy was serving probation on two concurrent 12-48 month prison sentences as a result of pleading guilty to category D felony charges of failure to register as a sex offender and failure to update sex offender registration at 22 years old in December 2020. 

Christy was ordered to serve probation and the district attorney’s office didn’t pursue trafficking charges or failure to appear charges as part of plea negotiations in the original matter. 

In his recent court appearance, Christy admitted to no following probation terms relating to reporting, residence, employment program, financial obligations, associates and directives/conduct. 

He denied violations relating to laws (x2) and weapons, his attorney Paul Quade stated that Christy would not admit to the violations which could bring new charges against him but that they were prepared to stipulate to a probation revocation following the violations he did admit to. 

The district attorney’s office dropped the violations to which Christy denied under the stipulation that the probation would be revoked. 

Christy was ordered to serve the two concurrent prison sentences with 231 days credit for time served, with the previously ordered fees of $153 DNA collection and analysis fee, $25 administrative assessment fee and $500 public defender fee.