Jonathan Morgan attends an arraignment hearing in Sixth Judicial District Court virtually due to pandemic restrictions.
Jonathan Morgan attends an arraignment hearing in Sixth Judicial District Court virtually due to pandemic restrictions.
Jonathan Paul Morgan was recently ordered to complete a term of jail and then the Humboldt County drug court program as a condition of probation on category B felony theft. 

Morgan, age 37, admitted to knowingly, willfully or unlawfully receiving, possessing or witholding a firearm owned by a family member, valued over $3,500 in Winnemucca on March 19, 2020. 

The potential penalty for the felony in Nevada includes 1-10 years in prison and maximum $10,000 fine as a probatable offense. 

Morgan’s attorney Matthew Stermitz told the court that Morgan has a drug program and asked that his client be ordered into the 18-month Humboldt County Adult Drug Court program as a condition of probation for the offense.

“I think Mr. Morgan sincerely has a drug problem and is sincere in wanting to rectify that and move forward in life as a sober person,” said Stermitz. 

Humboldt County Deputy District Attorney Kevin Pasquale told the court that Morgan began using alcohol at 12, methamphetamine at age 21 and several other drugs along the way. 

“He believes he is addicted to marijuana but I think it goes further than that; I think he’s addicted to methamphetamine and potentially heroin as well,” said Pasquale. I think the conduct on pretrial release is illustrative of someone that does have those conditions. I think that it would be to his benefit to be in the drug court program; this is his first felony conviction and I think putting him through drug court gives him an opportunity for life.” 

Morgan apologized to the court for skipping a previous hearing, and said that he does have an addiction problem, with any drug placed in front of him. 

“I do believe that not only myself but my family would benefit from being placed in the drug court program,” said Morgan. 

Morgan was ordered to 4-10 years in prison with 67 days credit for time served, the prison time was suspended and he was placed on probation for three years.

As a condition of probation, Morgan was ordered to serve 90 days in jail with drug court to commence after the jail time has been served. 

Morgan was ordered to abstain from the use/consumption/purchase of alcohol, controlled substances including marijuana and to stay out of establishments where those substances are the main source of revenue. 

Morgan was ordered to pay a $500 public defender fee, $153 DNA collection and analysis fee, $25 administrative assessment fee and $60 forensic fee.