Word on the Street is a new weekly segment where we ask readers for their opinions on topics important to them. This week's Word on the Street comes from Lovelock, where we asked: "How do you feel about Burning Man?"

Jordan McKinney:

“I love Burning Man. I’ve been out there and witnessed first hand the experience it provides for people,” McKinney said. “A lot of people have an opinion about Burning Man but they’ve never been out there. It’s not about drugs and running around naked. It’s about beautiful art, self-discovery and loving each other. It’s something I look forward to now. The people are so kind and generous.”

Michael Murphy:

“Artists come from all over the world to show their work so Burning Man is a happening situation. I have a positive attitude toward it because it’s a world class event close to Lovelock which means a lot of publicity,” Murphy said. “Yes, it could be good for this town. We have motels, a hardware store, gas stations, restaurants. Lovelock is part of the universe now so it’s time we started attracting people.”

Lee Ann Gallagher:

“I don’t care what they do on the playa,” Gallagher said. “When I was a kid, we used to hunt arrowheads down there. Anybody that wants to spend a week there, that’s their business. I have a brother, an astrophysics professor, who goes out there every year. He said you can find anything you want out there or you can avoid anything you want out there. There’s no phones, that’s why he likes it.”

Rick Sorani:

“I just love the event,” Sorani said. “The only problems we have is our local government is trying to over-regulate it. They could police it themselves and call the sheriff when needed. I’ve been out there, I’ve met the people involved. We get a lot of support here from Burning Man. A lot of the charitable organizations that I belong to get checks from them including the Lion’s Club and the Boy Scouts.”

Wendy Sue Hudson:

“The artwork out there is just fantastic, the short time that I was there. On Facebook they have a web cam and it’s on 24/7,” Hudson said. “You can see the art installations at night, all the bikes and the flames. I really don’t care about Burning Man. They’re out in the middle of the desert, they’re doing their own thing and they don’t bother me. Leave them alone. It’s no worse than Woodstock.”