Susan Davis has served on the Lander County school board for the last 10 years.
Susan Davis has served on the Lander County school board for the last 10 years.
After many years in academia and a decade on the Lander County School Board and Susan Davis is moving on to a different chapter in her life.

After spending over 30 years in Lander County, Davis is relocating to Gardernville. “Battle Mountain has been good to me, but it is time for a new chapter,” she said.

Planning an August move, her last school board meeting as a member will be on July 12. A reception has been planned before the meeting at 5 p.m. at the Administrative Building located at 625 Weaver Ave. Superintendent Jim Squibb said the community is welcome to drop by and wish Davis well.

The longtime educator doesn’t have any solid plans for her future. She said she seems to have things “fall into her lap” even when she wasn’t looking for them, she said.

She explained that Gardnerville has many opportunities and she is open to all the possibilities that may come her way. She said she is particularly interested in pursuing a career in music and Gardnerville has some captivating opportunities. She also hopes to explore more about her Basque heritage.

Davis is a vocalist and plays some piano, so expanding her knowledge in music and instruments may be an option. Since she has many, many years of teaching experience, returning to the classroom is also still an option for her.

As she closes this chapter in her career at Lander County, she says her time on the school board was quite interesting to her. Before she was elected, she explained, she thought she knew everything about education and schools -- but she learned from her time on the board. Davis says it gave her the opportunity to serve kids and make the school district a better and more worthwhile place. She enjoyed the position so much, she may run for a school board position in Douglas County, she said.

Davis has an extensive background in the academic field. After graduating from the University of Nevada Reno, she was a middle school teacher for eight years in Sparks. She moved to Lander County in ’81 where she taught at Battle Mountain High School for a few years and relocated to Winnemucca in ’87-’88 but continued to working for Lander County.

In ’95 she was the vice-principal at BMHS and junior high, and in ’98 she became the principal at BMHS until 2003 when she retired. Once retired, she taught English part-time at Great Basin College up until last year.

“I’m one of those lucky people that fell into what she was best suited for. Frankly, my experience has been extremely rewarding and a lot of fun,” said Davis. When asked what her favorite part in her many careers in Lander County, she could not pinpoint any specifics, there are too many. She said her focus was to experience as many different things as possible in the field of education. “Each job experience has had its own rewards and particulars on what you learn from it,” said Davis.

Davis recognizes Dr. Leon Hensley, former superintendent in Lander County, as someone she trusted for advice.

“He was my mentor, an outstanding individual, knowledgeable, helpful and taught me a lot.”

She said she has always been affected by the people she is around. “Most of it was wonderful stuff and even when it was not, its valuable,” Davis said.

Davis’s message to the people she has encountered and worked with is “It’s been a pleasure knowing you and working with you. I’ve learned a lot from every person that I’ve worked with.” She is very appreciative of the opportunities Battle Mountain has given and she has tried to give the best back for what has been given to her.

“Susan Davis leaving is a great loss given her knowledge of the district, not just as a teacher and administrator but also as a board member for the last 10 years. You just don’t replace that,” said Squibb. “Her experiences during her 10 years as a board member could probably fill a book. She saw the district through some tumultuous times, but also was part of much positive change during her service.”