Ashley Gonzalez appears for a sentencing hearing virtually from the Humboldt County Detention Center last week.
Ashley Gonzalez appears for a sentencing hearing virtually from the Humboldt County Detention Center last week.
Ashley Nicole Gonzalez, age 25 will be given another chance at completing drug court and a term of probation on a category E felony drug charge following her current sentence in prison. 

Gonzalez is currently serving a prison sentence on a previous felony charge of being under the influence of heroin for which she was ordered to serve 12-34 months in October 2020 after failing to complete treatment opportunities including drug court and probation. 

In the sentencing hearing, Deputy District Attorney Kevin Pasquale said that at 25, Gonzalez has already had two prior felonies with two prior prison sentences, from a history of prescription drug possession, drug paraphernalia, narcotics possession, sale of a controlled substance and possession of heroin. 

“There was a case where she actually had heroin in the jail; it would be easy with that criminal history to throw our hands up in the air and say what the heck,” said Pasquale. “We would say probation with drug court as a condition of probation is appropriate and she should look at this opportunity as her last best chance to not have a third, fourth or fifth trip to prison.” 

“I feel like if I don’t change my ways I’m going to end up dead and I feel like this is my last chance to change my life,” said Gonzalez. 

Gonzalez told the court that she realizes that in order to change her life, she can’t keep spending time with the people and in the same places that led her to drugs.

“A lot of my convictions are things I’ve done while under the influence and since I’ve been incarcerated I’ve realized that this isn’t the life that I want to live, it’s not; I get anxiety so bad,” said Gonzalez. “I’d like a chance to be out and start my life over fresh and get the help that I need and take advantage of all the things you guys offer. I’m sorry for the things I’ve done and I’m ready to change my life and get my life on the right track.” 

Sixth Judicial District Court Judge Michael Montero ordered Gonzalez to complete a 24-month term of probation on a deferred sentence following her current prison sentence, with the condition that she complete the Humboldt County Adult Drug Court program while on probation, with her probation to begin when she is released from prison. 

“The support you have in the community is powerful,” said Montero. “It’s going to be a result of the choices you have to make while not under the influence of drugs and alcohol and it’s unfortunate that a young person has to learn that lesson in prison.”