On May 20, HCSO arrested Jeffery Scott Martin, age 21, on a failure to appear warrant after admission to bail on a felony offense. 

            No bail.

On May 25 WPD arrested Denise Alana Martinez, age 60, on misdemeanor trespass. 

        Bail $195.

On May 26 WPD arrested Walter Xavier Magana, age 30, on misdemeanor DUI, Speed, Hit and Run, Improper Color Lamps, and Disobeying a Peace Officer. 

                                Bail $3,080.

On May 27, Joseph Flanders, age 26, was IDed and issued a warrant on Felony Burglary. Bail $20,000. Flanders fled but was later arrested on an additional felony burglary, uttering forged instrument, and grand larceny of a gun. 

                              Bail $35,000.

On May 28, HCSO arrested Kodeth Howard, age 21, on misdemeanor fictitious plates, suspended license, and no insurance. 

       Bail $1,495.

On May 28, HCSO arrested Fortin Kirkland Thomas, age 40, on misdemeanor driving under the influence and failure to drive on the right side of the roadway

       Bail $1,255.

On May 29 WPD arrested Richard D’Amico, age 34, on Gross Misdemeanor DUI 1st and possession of a dangerous substance without prescription. 

      Bail $3,640.

On May 30, WPD arrested Christopher Hale, age 26, on Felony Ex Felon possession of firearm and gross misdemeanor burglary, grand larceny, and possession of a stolen vehicle. 

                             Bali $82,500.


On May 30, WPD  arrested Arturo Valdez, age 30, on two active warrants (one felony and one misdemeanor) for failure to appear. 

     Bail $11,540.

On May 31, HCSO arrested Michael Anthony Dougherty, age 65, on misdemeanor driving under the influence of alcohol, driving with drivers license revoked for DUI, expired registration, open alcohol container in vehicle, and other jurisdiction warrant.

                               Bail $3,805.