On May 2, WPD arrested Sean Cooper, age 48, on misdemeanor battery at Fourth Street Car Wash. Bail $1,140.

On May 5, WPD arrested Kenan Glen Newton, age 27, on felony possession of controlled substance heroin. Bail $5,000.

On May 6, WPD arrested Joshua Chandler, age 25, on misdemeanor domestic battery. Bail $3,000.

On May 7, WPD arrested Luis Cervantes, age 31, on misdemeanor failure to appear Washoe County. Bail $2,000.

On May 8, WPD arrested Aaron Daniel Sutton, age 48, on misdemeanor disorderly conduct and destruction of private property. Bail $1,495.

On May 8, WPD arrested Nathan Joyle Eyle, age 37, on misdemeanor disorderly conduct. Bail $355.

On May 12 HCSO arrested Salvador Mateo Garcia, age 30, under misdemeanor stop lamps required and FTA Traffic Warrant. Bail $650.

On May 13, HCSO arrested Emily Caudill, age 20, on felony possession of stolen vehicle and possession of controlled substance methamphetamine. Arrest was made following the investigation of a suspicious vehicle. Bail $25,000.

On May 18, WPD arrested Jeffrey Scott Martin, age 21, on felony possession of controlled substance methamphetamine and probation violation. Bail, $5000.

On May 18, WPD arrested Jesse Taylor Moore, age 45, on misdemeanor FTA on traffic citation. Bal $1,210.

On May 20, HCSO arrested Amy Bechel, age 40, on misdemeanor duty to stop at the scene of a crash, duty to give information, and duty to notify law enforcement of a crash. Bail $2,920.

*Name and Photo not Public Record*

On May 21 HCSO arrested a 14 year old juvenile on misdemeanor for domestic battery, battery, and acts which constitute domestic violence. No bail.

On May 22, WPD arrested Adam C Kilpack, age 22, on misdemeanor trespassing. Bail $195.

On May 28, HCSO arrested William Charles Osborn Jr., age 18, on misdemeanor driving under the influence, minor consuming alcohol, and failure to decrease speed or use due care. Bail $1,690.